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Got any ideas to take pressure off our health services - what about this?

I'm trying to help many people here, and do my bit - from the person that's worried about an elderly relative, to the one that has to self isolate in their bedroom, to the university student who's considering to quit, to the self employed who is worried about paying bills.

Unless you're going to sanitise every item that comes through your door - better to show no fear - keep a strong mind, immune system good, and your cell defence on high alert, and keep smiling, keep busy - that is my opinion on all that's going on... So try to deal with it a day at a time, and try to help people, we're in it together, and we'll get through it.

This website was designed to show people how to 'self heal' using the 'power of the mind' under normal circumstances - as we all know these are not normal circumstances since the c 'thing' got involved - so some of the text eg - taking long walks in nature, and group talks are on hold for a while - but i'm praying this 'thing' will disappear as fast as it came in, this is 'my opinion' it could - so until then stay strong, and we carry on best we can, and learn to adapt to the new circumstances we find ourselves in.

I think mentally we've got through a difficult week - the getting used to a different situation week - that's it completed and you'll be stronger for it. So take a breath and compliment yourself in getting through it to this stage... And I think some have already been in contact with 'c' and shrugged it off - but for now we have to see this through and stay at home, keep your distance everyone. Don't go thinking about weeks ahead, or its going to take so long - deal with today, be strong and help others in your family to smile, and get though it all a day at a time - some light will appear soon...

I have a thread on a forum using - the power of visualisation or prayer - and we're getting all of us together on the internet forum, or as many as possible 'to rid us of this thing' - and for it to self destruct, by visualisation when 'fully rested' for an example - 'imagine' using the power of your mind - people getting up from their sick bed recovering fast, and TV newsreader saying people are recovering at a remarkable rate..... We are doing this in our fight with corona - it's on 'Spiritual Forums' healing section, if you want to look at it.

I'm 66 years old, and i've not seen a doctor for any appointment in 2 years... Several years ago I was taking so much prescribed medication for stress and many other health issues, which I am not going to go into now - and since starting my health studies early 2017 I've been totally off regular medication... I just eased off meds gently as I got stronger on my own - 'I have to suggest checking with your doctor if you do this' - but with me now, my rashes and anxiety are gone, skin is fresher, even my eyesight and focus has improved.

It doesn't matter what age you are 9 or 90 - this is about feeling healthier today

This website is all about showing you some easy ways to increase your human energy 'vibration levels' - also how to use 'The Power of Your Mind' for improved health... I'm here to share at 'no cost' - some of my knowledge and theories with people here in the UK.

As a certain virus has been making the world headlines recently, I'm writing about it, and my thoughts on viruses here on my website... The advice I give amongst all this confusion we are going through is - to keep calm, keep your immune system high by being focused, keep busy... Fear lowers your defence, so try to smile - keep busy, enjoy your day and be good to people, remember kindness strengthens your immune system, stress lowers it - so try to enjoy your day.

I got a quote off the internet and adapted it - I'm going keep it firmly in my mind when I'm fighting viruses, and i've got a print of it on my small office wall... I've delivered at least 100 out to shopkeepers recently, hello to you, I hope it inspires you, your family and your work colleagues... Here is a copy, for any others in our great country who would like to display it at home, or for your staff room wall. We will get through this, light will appear.

Churchill's quote....

We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender...

I just have to remind people this information of mine is for normal cold/flu/sickness viruses we get here in this country, using the power of your mind. It's all to help people to be strong and not to fear the average virus, or 'any virus' - I ask people not to panic if they get a cough, the emergency services are so stretched - so if you or a family member is unwell, remember there are coughs and colds about because immune systems are low, check temperature - my wife's had a cough for 2 weeks now - in my opinion it adds some protection against other viruses coming in to attack - as in they know when another virus is in the body. So just monitor it, drink plenty of water, try and keep it under control.

I think the hospital would benefit with doctors listening to my theory, and my 3 years power of the mind research in our fight against viruses - as in I might just know a thing or two with my 60 years of always getting every cold/flu going, then none for the last 3 years. Will they - probably not, I have offered. It is so important everyone to keep your mind strong, keep busy, smile, laugh, sing, help people - I know its difficult right now but do it - 'raise your immune system' - on guard as they say in battles...

I went in one shop and two young ladies, I'd say about 30 years or less. And one of them started to read my virus defence letter I'd been giving out all week to shops and companies, and she knew what she was talking about, as she said some comments about cell regeneration, I said to her friend i'm going wait for feedback as I've done many times in shops. Then after reading it 3 times she said 'this is actually very clever' - I love that lady... This advice is for adults by the way, I can't suggest for kids, that's your choice.

Returning visitors - refresh the page's please - this site is updated weekly

There'll always be someone who's well today but not tomorrow, so self healing
will always be there when needed for so many health issues

I can tell you thinking of gratitude, morning and evening is so important for good health and well being... Something nice that's happened, or something kind you've done that day and you've been thanked for it - this is so important for good health, and mental stamina.

So if we can understand that everything is energy, we can work on feeling better

All Humans are made of 100% energy - and apart from some sort of external accident, there are three ways I reckon our bodies can get damaged. 1st, is by falling over and breaking something, or eating or drinking something you shouldn't - 2nd, viruses attacking within, we all know about that one with infections - and thirdly, energy hitting our body and our aura defence shield. We are all made of energy and so is our aura 100% energy, so protect it by being positive and don't stress - and rest when the mind/body wants to rest.

This healing has been around for 1000's of years, we've just forgotten it's there

A part of feeling better is remembering 'to be kind to yourself'

We all have to to deal with day to day issues, but 'over worrying' - if this happens to you a lot, just take a moment to remind yourself 'the tiger hasn't entered the room yet' - this will put any worrying thoughts into perspective in your mind.

So take time daily as in meditation, just relax and clear the mind of 'mental chatter' - I recommend resting in the bedroom, on the bed or in a chair, and remove your phone completely out of the way. You can listen to music on CD but not radio, to avoid news and DJ blather - close eyes, breathe nice and slowly and deeply - Imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind and body.

Try to keep mind/body strong, keep busy, and rest when rest is needed - always override negative thoughts with positive thoughts whenever possible, nice thoughts everybody and be kind, it'll help you with 'your' vibration level for better health for you personally on your journey here... Power of the mind verses tiny viruses, get them moved on - good luck.

I've been helping out on Mental Health and Spiritual Forums now for several years, so I've personally gained a lot of experience regarding Mind'Body'Spirit...

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