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This is hopefully going to take some pressure off health services locally, with the help of 100 plus shopkeepers displaying flyers in 100 shops for 1000's of people to pick up. So initially this targets Macclesfield, Cheshire and surrounding areas.

After being in Macclesfield for a decade, I have a slight northern twang, 'up road' - and with spending five decades in Stoke I have a bit of a mixed accent 'duck' - I don't use it here now, we all adapt slightly to new surroundings, to here now this moment. And we should all learn to be kinder to each other, and learn to pull together to make this country 'great again'... We all have something we're good at - focus on becoming even better at it - the same as I have done with my research on self healing here, and power of the mind.

When doing the dishes, hoovering, washing the car, gardening etc - and yes I do all those things as much as possible, to keep my mind nice and calm - these small jobs are good, as long as you remember just what you're doing, and not letting your mind wander off to other things... Calm the mind to keep it nice and strong for better daily focus.

just doing by bit here to help make our country a kinder, healthier, happier place

All this information can help with stress, anxiety, depression and so many other health issues - search online for keywords - self healing vibrational energy - power of the mind - chi energy self healing - mantra meditation. Also as part of my advice for improving health and energy vibrations for increased health is - if you are a 'big meat eater' I would cut back a little, it's low vibrational food, more fruit and veg is good.

In October 2019 I started this new website, and the 'new' visitor counter keeps ticking up a few a day. I have now delivered at least 3,000 of my information letters/flyers out to shops in my local town over recent months, to display on counters for customers, and most have been picked up by people - 100 shops are helping with this - I thank you all so much...

Energy healing can help with - stress, anxiety, rashes, blood pressure, etc etc

I just want to mention bullies and trolls here, because we are all witnessing something in society that is 'very wrong' - if I could have 5 mins with a group of them, I'd be saying do you realise you are going to have this on your conscience in 10 years time, you have to live with that and as you get older it'll effect your health more - so stop now while you can.

My many thanks for allowing me to speak to staff here at - Prestbury House Care Home - Helping Hands Home Care Services - Woodlands Care Home - Hollins Park Care Home - and to the 8 young men at Manday Night Project at Sutton Hall - and more recently in February 2020 at the Disability Information Bureau - all in Macclesfield.

Some comments I got in town - keep doing it - good job - makes sense - so kind

Also many dozens of companies/shops have put my information letters up on staff room walls. I've also given out 1,400 of my letters and flyers to random people in town over recent months - so hello to you, if I met you in Macclesfield. And as a good friend said, it's like you're drilling through rock at the moment and suddenly you'll see light.

To conclude, bring in positive energy, raise energy vibrations, feel better fast...

To improve your mind and aura - be in nature at least an hour a week - less stress - be kind - stop to appreciate good things, and be in the moment - try to think of gratitude late evening and early morning first thing - take deep breaths - focus - rest and relax when the mind/body needs it - good luck - be strong in mind, starting today... Kind regards Steve.

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