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I have read so many times, illness is just trapped energy - I'll add 'or a virus'

Viruses can change shape and hide - science has recently proved our defence cells have some consciousness, and make decisions, so wouldn't it be useful if our cells can tell what we're thinking, no one can prove they can't - when ''deeply relaxed'' just 'think' it's over here, use the 'power your mind' to show where, and gently press on the problem area.

I think when an infection is set in it's a waiting game, or a trip to the doctors - but catch it early, different issue, chance to stop the virus in its in its tracks. it might not work every time, but sometimes, or many times, it can 'yes' - mind over matter to move the virus on.

Have you noticed viruses move around... I can remember my dear mum half a century ago saying, I can feel the germs moving around - I remember those words, and all these years later I can sense the same. It might be as I get older, but I have been saying this to my wife for many years now, and this year my wife has noticed it as well.

It might sound like science fiction, but if you take time to research as I have, then these bugs can change, attack, disguise themselves - anything they can do they will to avoid our defence system... It's a battlefield - so help your defence cells, give some clues where it is hiding - it's not even complicated - 'mind power' but you have to believe it's going to work.

As a virus starts in the early stages, one minute you might sense a sore throat coming on then an hour later that's eased and if you check, you can sense it heading for your tummy or you start to sneeze. I think i'ts when its trying to get settled in one place and hide in your body somewhere...

I am particularly prone to virus attack, have been all my life, so if anyone was going to get a cold - usually I'd be in line to get it twice when everyone else got it once and milder. So this is part of the reason for my studies on viruses as part of my health research.

Fight viruses using the power of your mind and your defence cells

Two and a half years ago, I had a virus in my left hip - it put me out of action for six weeks, I even had a message from my - Higher Self - saying it's 'infection'... And if anybody tries to tell you viruses can't get in a hip, I'll tell you them little 'things' can get in anywhere.

Two years on now 2019, and when everybody else seemed to be dealing with coughs and sickness - the virus that was going around everyone, got in my hip 'again' didn't catch it quick enough though - but this time it was on its way out in 7 days and totally gone in just 10 days... But this time I was using my 'mind to find' and shift procedures, and focusing on getting rid of it, and I kept mobile... Now a few months on, early 2020 having a go in my hip 'again' - this time caught it early, gone in one day, and now I can touch my toes again.

So late 2019 as the virus was attacking my hip, I notice the problem I get with a tooth I have with receding gum has not been a problem once in this time, because it was busy having a go in my hip, which is now clear. I'm just saying this to help make it clear to people reading - just how viruses can move around, and very fast they can as well.

If it makes you feel that you're going a little bit crazy talking to cells lol, then give it a miss, but for those that would like to try as I do - then for instance if I feel a slightly dodgy tummy coming on. I'll have a word your not getting in there you little bugger - move it cells, don't let it settle there. Mind Power, it helps to shift it, by feeling positive and focus on it working.

Viruses are so small, very tiny and they invade our body and hide in one of our cells, so our defence system can't detect them. They are crafty little things and very dangerous, and can cause so many problems as we all know.

If you get some results, remember to say good job cells - its mind power.... Stay positive, open your mind and focus when fighting a virus in your body, and remember to rest when needed.

Two things come to mind - advise cells as to where - if you think it's a virus, or imagine healing light/energy coming in to assist, if it's some other health discomfort. Once a virus gets settled in though, its harder to remove it - but get it early, good chance to move it on. But I think any of these procedures should be done when totally rested to have maximum effect. Also you can use the power of the mind, to imagine seeing in your mind, mass defence cells attacking the virus - again 'mind power' at its best.

I forgot to mention one very important part of this - its no good focusing on communicating with cells and thinking what a silly idea this is, get some pills taken instead - you have to be 100% confident you are assisting 'mass' defence cells guidance with the power of your mind - and if it doesn't work, guess what - try again a few hours later, its very simple and everything to gain... It's important not to burn yourself out mentally while doing this, you must be fully relaxed, take it steady and maybe even 'enjoy' the battle - mind power...

This Coronavirus seems a bad one, whether it will burn itself out over time only weeks/months ahead will give us ideas on that. In the meantime there's an old saying 'I haven't got time to be ill' and its a true one, because it involves the power of the mind.

So in the meantime anyone thinking they or someone they know are involved with the Coronavirus - apart from lying on a hospital bed - this is an alternative... Show/feel no fear, this is important and go into battle with it, get it moved using mind power, and connection with 'your' mass defence cells - until someone comes up with a better idea, this is my offering of hope! i'll include in that, as its such a dangerous one - a 'chance' with determination to shift/move it away from you... Must be totally relaxed when doing this and breathe gently/deeply, focus on your defence cells moving it 'as in this is a no go area'.

• there's an old saying not got time to be ill - fight it, but rest when rest is needed •

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