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I have read so many times, illness is just trapped energy - I'll add 'or a virus'

Viruses can change shape and hide - science has recently proved our defence cells have some consciousness, and make decisions, so wouldn't it be useful if our cells can tell what we're thinking, no one can prove they can't - when ''deeply relaxed'' just 'think' it's over here, use the 'power your mind' to show where, and gently touch on the problem area.

I think when an infection is set in it's a waiting game, or a trip to the doctors - but catch it early, different issue, chance to stop the virus in its tracks. It might not work every time, but sometimes, or many times, it can 'yes' - mind over matter to move the virus on.

I just would like to say this, regarding the new virus on the move - be aware yes! But don't let any fear set in, this lowers your energy vibration level with negative energy. You need positive energy, plenty of it - which your body needs for defence... Keep busy, and keep your mind and body strong with good thoughts... Focused, busy and enjoy your day.

As a virus starts in the early stages, one minute you might sense a sore throat coming on then an hour later that's eased and if you check, you can sense it heading for your tummy or you start to sneeze. I think i'ts when its trying to get settled in one place and hide in your body somewhere...

I was particularly prone to virus attack, have been all my life, so if anyone was going to get a cold - usually I'd be in line to get it twice when everyone else got it once and milder. So this is part of the reason for my studies on viruses as part of my health research.

Fight viruses using the power of your mind and your defence cells

Visualise mass defence cells attacking the virus, and when they do using 'mind power' don't forget a little thank you cells, good job you shifted it. I don't fear/worry about virus attacking anymore now as I have a plan of defence - hope this advice/theory helps many others here - remember to breathe, focus, be positive. And if anyone reading would like to pass this information on, feel free to do so to help others in the fight against viruses.

You don't have to imagine or visualise torpedoes going in attack from your defence cells everyone - its using the 'Power of Visualisation' - just check it out, it exists as a tool to help us using the power of the mind... Just focus on guiding your defence cells to any place where you think a virus is hiding in your body, and leave defence cells to do their job sorting it out... I make no promises here, its for you to decide if to try the theory of mine.

This information is 'my theory' for fighting normal cold/flu/sickness viruses we get here in this country, using the power of your mind. It's all to help people to be strong and not to fear the average virus, or 'any virus', and so keeping the pressure off our health services. But I have to say - if you are in any doubt consult your doctor. Until then stay strong and carry on, keep busy and rest when rest is needed.

I just remind people, it's no good just sitting down and thinking you're relaxed. You have to be 'mind clear' fully relaxed for at least 10 mins then totally commit to it - keep focused and calm when you try it, confident that you're actually doing something positive.

Viruses are so small, very tiny and they invade our body and often hide in one of our cells, so our defence system can't detect them. They are crafty little things and very dangerous, and can cause so many problems as we all know.

When fighting a virus in your body, remember to rest when needed, and focus on shifting it.

Two things come to mind - advise cells as to where - if you think it's a virus, or imagine healing light/energy coming in to assist, if it's some other health discomfort - if its a virus try to catch it early, good chance to move it on fast. Also you can use the power of the mind, to imagine seeing in your mind - 'mass defence cells' attacking the virus - again 'mind power' at its best.

So I'll mention one very important part of this theory again - its no good focusing on communicating with cells and thinking what a silly idea, get some pills taken instead - you have to be 100% confident you are assisting 'mass defence cells' guidance to fight colds, flu and other problems viruses cause, and if it doesn't work, guess what - try again a few hours later, and again tomorrow - its very simple and everything to gain... It's important not to burn yourself out mentally, stay strong - you must be fully relaxed, take it steady and focus on shifting it - mind power, get it moved...

Best bit about my theory, its something you can do when you're stuck at home - and its something you can do instead of nothing... Keep strong, and immune system high. You and your massive 'team' of cells' - that get renewed every few months are in this together, are stuck in the same boat as the phrase goes, with viruses always on the move.

So any of you youngsters out there looking on and you're worried about your mum or dad, maybe print some of this off your for your senior aged citizen family member, then its their personal choice if to try my theory to defend themselves.

I suppose what I would do if I think I get into contact with a virus attacking my chest for example, but no symptoms - you could visualise your cells doing a patrol of the area with your 'powerful mind' daily when in meditation mode eg 'fully resting mind clear', searching for anything unusual... At the very least rather than doing nothing, it would make you feel better doing something.

• there's an old saying not got time to be ill - fight it, but rest when rest is needed •

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