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Several years ago I was on a ridiculous amount of medication for stress and other issues, which I won't go into now.... And i'm not looking for sympathy because I've hardly taken a tablet this last few years, maybe a couple of half blood pressure tablets if I've overdone it, and that's all... So now spots are gone, skin is better, even my eyesight has improved.

I've seen some 'expensive professionals' a few years ago, as maybe you, a friend or a family member has, so we all know about that expense..... So if we all can put this information around our country and get 1000's more off medication doctors appointments etc, like me - think of the saving to our National Health Service, so time and money can be spent on urgent issues.

Below is my after talks letter. If you work at these suggestions, it can save on expensive stress reduction professionals. I've been doing talks at several care homes for the over stressed staff usually 8 people, and more booked - fits nicely on a A4 sheet of paper this wording below - maybe you would like to print it off for your staff room at work.

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After Talks...

Heal yourself with positive energy - here's the useful key/information to 'unlock it'.

In a few simple steps, you can bring a nice feeling of peace into your body. You can help feel better over coming days/weeks, using your thoughts and actions to change the frequency and flow of your energy. I exercise regular, keep my mind strong and i've not seen a doctor for over 3 years now.

We should all allow time for at least one hour per week in nature - and when walking amongst the trees which are high in energy, be sure to keep the mind clear, by being aware 'that you are walking' and not thinking of day to day issues - and take time to admire birds, children and dogs playing.

I recommend lowering alcohol weekly, you won't need as much as you get stronger, then consider more exercise, to help your 'system' - mind'body'spirit that is all 100% energy. Then look at lowering medication as I did, with the help of your doctors advice on this.

Everyone has an aura, and it is our defence shield against energy hitting the planet, it is connected to your 7 energy chakras. There is a natural healing force within you - it is your most powerful weapon against disease. Your body is a miracle of nature and has an extraordinary talent to heal itself.

We should all take time to come out of the fast lane of life, and should all learn to rest for at least 10-15 mins a day to rest the mind and refresh the protective aura - then after the rest, open/focus your mind, raise eyebrows, and say to yourself, ok system rebooted lets get on with it.

Imagine changing a negative 'low energy' news channel to your favourite comedy show, and seeing yourself feel more positive - and then relax with that change. Your day can move in a new direction that will invite more high quality positive energy into your system, and then feel stronger and more in control.

So take time daily as in meditation, just relax and clear the mind of 'mental chatter' - I recommend resting in the bedroom, on the bed or in a chair, remove phone completely out of the way. You can listen to music on CD but not radio, to avoid news and DJ blather - close eyes, breathe nice and slowly and deeply - Imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind and body.

And at night when when unable to sleep, imagine drifting down a river in a small boat, eating your favorite food over and over eg apple pie and custard, or a nice big 'zero calorie' chocolate cake.

Get 2 magazines opened up with actor/singer smiling faces on show, and put them on show in 2 choice rooms - and I would like you start each day with a phrase 'today is going to be a better day'...

Make time to sit in a comfortable position during the day, when having a break for refreshments - and become aware of your breath... Breathe nice and easy - just pay attention to the flow - in and out, in and out - no judging it, no changing it, nice and calm - and just feel yourself relax. This is like 'being in the moment' to take away some of the never ending 'mental chatter' from interfering for the next few minutes.

Take your hands (palms together) in front of you and rub them together quickly for 15-20 seconds, let them become warm from the friction and feel that warmth. Smile as you are rubbing your hands together, and take this time to enable you to switch your mood in a few seconds. See if you can move that energy to any part of your body you may feel some stress or illness in.

Thoughts carry energy - 4 high 'energy vibration' words are 'lovely gorgeous beautiful light' - if you can learn these words, and put them to the back of your mind, you can recall them, recite them in your mind on 'command' when feeling down, it will lift your 'energy vibrations' and help you to feel better and stronger, and more able to face the challenges and enjoy your day.

Viruses can change shape and hide - science has proved cells can make decisions, so wouldn't it be useful if our defence cells can tell what we're thinking, no one can prove they can't - when 'deeply relaxed' use 'Power of the Mind' - 'think' it's here and 'touch' on the problem area, to show where the virus is hiding.

I make no promises with this new virus on the move worldwide, but I seemed to get every cold and flu going years ago. I've not had a cold or flu in well over 3 years now. It's using the 'Power of Visualisation' - just check it out, it exists as a tool to help us using the power of the mind - I share my theory in detail on my website.

To conclude, bring in positive energy, raise energy vibrations, feel better and much stronger... Kind regards, Steve 2020 - there is lot's more information on my website - www.strengthinminds.co.uk

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