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• what if someone has a theory 'how some' strokes start •

Suddenly a 'perfectly healthy person' can find they are on a journey to hospital with a seizure or stroke or another serious health issue - and I think most of us have heard about this happening to someone we know... What if there was a way stop this happening to some healthy people - derailing you, a friend or family member - interested in reading...

To make this clear from the start, it is not about repairing damage from a stroke - search 'chi energy self healing' for alternative health improvement options - it's about possible prevention from it happening to 'you' in the first place.

Talks here about the human aura and why we should protect it

Some gifted people can see auras and so can 'Aura Kirlian Cameras' - and it's known that when a human is seriously unwell damage shows on the aura - so health and our human aura 'are' connected. But what if researchers and specialists over recent decades have got it the wrong way around, because no one knows for sure, they're all just guessing, and instead - 'damage to the aura' causes serious health problems, as I am suggesting is possible.

I have no scientific proof of this - but a couple of thousand years ago people thought the world was flat, until someone came up with the silly idea that it was round - and science doesn't have proof of the mind or spirit either because of no scientific evidence... So it's for you to decide individually if you believe this or not - costs you nothing to read it.

In a 'single hour' the amount of power and energy from the Sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year. And the human aura isn't there just for some fancy colours, it's there for our protection in my estimation - after my research into mind power and self healing energy.

When you hear of a completely healthy person finding them self in hospital with a seizure or stroke - with no explanation why it has happened, just think about it, aura temporarily damaged? Not always the case but some times yes in my opinion, it makes you think - can be avoided. I personally know the human body is an amazing creation of God, but it does get damaged by viruses from the inside, and access energy from the outside.

If this is you - in the fast lane of life 100 mph, you're always pushing, can't sleep, no focus... Want some advice 'back off' before you get knocked off your bike and someone then has to look after you long time while you recover. If this is you, then it's you I want to help avoid a crisis, for you and your family in the near future - please read on...

This aura information is not to alarm you, but making you 'self aware' - and so avoiding hospitals, and so taking pressure off them - and let's face it none of us wants to be there.

The aura can be seen with a Kirlian Camera - but cannot be scanned, same as the mind and spirit because they don't scan either - same as gravity, doesn't scan. I believe from my research that the mind is attached to the spirit, and I have personal spiritual experience - so any of you reading who don't think they exist if they can't be scanned, think again...

And here's the best bit - 'if' i'm right, it costs you nothing to protect yourself.

This happened at 7.00 am - wife can't explain it, did you bang it in the night she asked - nope!

How to protect yourself... And keep the aura strong.

So if one day someone finds themselves feeling 'something seems wrong' - check energy by closing eyes and see if there is a glow in your mind for more than a minute, to check any access energy problems. And if there is, place hands to the soil in the garden for a few moments to ground the access energy - it's that easy - then take it easy for a few days and drink 'plenty' of water.

The point I'm trying to get over, is once the aura get damaged it's done it's job protecting you - then it needs repairing, so it's in 'perfect shape' before it's needed again. So being positive 'not as in being greedy' as being positive and nice to people helps it reboot fast, then your 'energy vibrations' will increase for better health, and your aura will be strong.

So again to strengthen your aura, be nice to people, think good thoughts, walk in the rain occasionally, and sometimes just step out of the 'fast lane of life' for an hour and be near to nature, and try and rest with deep relaxing breathing for at least 10 mins each day.

When your body rests at night, the mind is still busy dreaming - so that's why that 15 mins rest in the afternoon is so important, for good health and a strong mind and aura.

When feeling down it's so important to drink plenty of water, then rest for 15 mins as in meditation - breathe deeply and slowly, calm your thoughts to a few nice ones. Then after rest, deep breath and 'open your mind' - raise eyebrows slightly for a few moments, think ok system rebooted, let's get on with it. This helps protect yourself and your aura.

Try this today to improve your mind strength - breathe, focus, be happy, and rest when rest is required. Then when rested focus your mind, breathe and get on with things.

Cats and dogs are extremely high in quality vibrational energy as their feet are touching the ground. So if you stroke your cat or dog - and yes energy is transferable, so yes give him or her a good hug, stroke them with love and affection - you'll both feel better.

It's thoughts and actions cause many health problems - think nice positive thoughts

• It's a nice feeling to be mentally stronger than yesterday •

There's power in words, thoughts and actions - and that power can work for you or against you personally - 'every day'...

For faster increased health avoid aggressive arguments that lower your vibrational level. Increase your vibes for much improved health - by repeating 'high energy vibrational words' in your mind - eg lovely gorgeous beautiful light - or you can just make your own up. If you repeat them in your mind several times before going to bed or when feeling a little stressed, your own energy vibrations will increase for better health, words spoken and in mind carry energy.

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