• Information Regarding my Stroke •

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It's Autumn 2019, nice enough day and I'm walking with my little dog after taking my wife to work. And just before joining friends in town for a little chat - I am hit by something, not as in photo 'just yet' - and I suddenly felt so off side.

Within moments of closing my eyes to check, I see a glow of energy in my mind, just like you've been staring at the sun or something bright by accident... And the glow it's not there for a moment as would be the case after looking at a bright light, it's there permanently, while walking in town - I've been hit by a strong energy, and I know it.

When I got back home, first thing I did was to go outside in the garden and place hands on the earth 'to ground' and take away access energy - and yes I should have done this in town but I didn't, I waited until I got home.

All that day I was off colour, just resting a bit more than normal, glowing never came back in my mind, that day as expected - and the following day as good as perfect again. What I knew though from my research is that the aura takes a while 'as in days' to repair, so I was unprotected as it were.

I believe sometimes things happen for a reason, and people get guidance, and certainly was so in my case with my research on this...

This happened at 7.00 am - wife can't explain it, did you bang it in the night she asked - nope!

Now it's 2 days after being hit - it's early hours and wifes got up ready for work. So I'm lying in bed, and unusually I've got my fingers of both hands linked behind my head, and I remember thinking what a nice sleep that was. Then I remember hearing a ping, I think now it was in my mind rather than hearing it, and the feeling in my hands ' somethings different' - I was sitting up on my pillows, so the energy will have come through the window at the angle my head was facing... Had the aura been strong then this wouldn't have even been a problem, I would have been protected.

My left hand fell to the bed as I released them, no use in hand, arm right up to the shoulders, nothing and left side of tummy muscles out of action as well. Wife came up during this time and said are you taking me to work... Can't move my arm I said 'no panic in me' I just said it - come on stop messing she said, I can't move my left arm I said.

A total of full fifteen minutes I had no feeling, then it started coming back bit by bit, and I told my wife you get to work and she got my phone for emergencies, and all day I was ok and kept texting her, but shivering in my dressing gown and under the covers in bed. Not like me at all in recent years to be off colour.

If it was a stroke or not you'll make your own minds up - but early during the day the mark appeared on my forehead as in photo, I just hadn't noticed the mark at first. I was hit a 2nd time with high energy when my aura wasn't repaired properly, whats the chance of that... Each day now I look at my hand and I am thankful - It is a miracle that it was fixed so soon, after so much damage to the area in my brain/mind where the access energy hit.

That Saturday as it was beginning to heal and I could feel my cells busy and aware that reconstruction work was being carried out during the day. I prayed to God and Jesus could they get ready for the next day, because I was expecting people to possibly arrive for free health advice, and I could feel work going on - and I'll tell you I was on the mountain bike the next day, Sunday morning at '8 o'clock' in perfect health - a miracle in my opinion. So I push on to help - to the next section, so remember to learn to relax daily to keep the aura in good.

So if one day someone finds themselves feeling 'something seems wrong' - check energy by closing eyes and see if there is a glow in your mind for more than a minute, to check any access energy problems. And if there is, place hands to the soilor grass for a minute to ground the access energy - it's that easy - then take it easy for a few days and drink 'plenty' of water.

I'm planning to do talks at a gym and several companies in and around Macclesfield soon, explaining just how to protect yourself from the suns energy and how to keep your aura strong - if interested just get in touch and I'll come and talk to a group of you, no cost...

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