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Better Sleeping / Nodding off Solutions

With all that's going on in our world at the moment, here is a bit of information on better sleep - this is more important than ever in 'our' fight against viruses and keeping our immune system 'high' - a good nights sleep......

The mind doesn't get a rest when sleeping, because of all the dreaming, it's always on the go, none stop - so we have to help make it have a rest, as in meditation.

When lying awake in the early hours, the mind likes to connect to problems and issues of the previous day or tomorrow or next week, and any problems the mind can find, it will, and dwell on them and keep you awake... So how to stop this - find the mind something to think about, and keep it busy with nice thoughts, to help you get some sleep.

I have some ideas... A year ago I was researching Mantra Meditation, do any of you know what a Mantra is? It's when in deep rest as in meditating you repeat a phrase like na ma na ma or I am that I am - repeating it over and over, to clear your mind of 'mental chatter' eg - troublesome thoughts, to give your mind a rest.

So when researching all these suggested mantra meditation phrases, I made some of my own - food related, so I started to think apple pie and custard, you just think the words over and over - then I went one step further and I thought when repeating the words over and over, I wonder if you can taste it, and you can - also chocolate cake, I can taste that as well... Just make sure you are slightly hungry, tastes better then.

You can use mind power to imagine flying around the park, or by the side of a canal or on a beach, or for instance over a golf course, or down by a river. So we just keep those options in our minds for a moment.

All this is to keep the mind busy with nice thoughts, to stop it wandering off thinking of day to day problems, which to be honest can be sorted out tomorrow, better to get good sleep.

So use your mind to imagine preparing yourself a nice big zero calorie chocolate cake, nicely finished off with chocolate all around the sides and chocolate covered all over the top - or a walnut cake or a lemon drizzle cake, and neatly sliced into 8 sections.

Then using your mind, imagine flying around your local park, eating cake, in which ever order you like - set the scene to create your play as in theater or on TV, you will have time to do this while lying awake, the goal here is to make it a short one to be continued.

And if you want to enhance the play, imagine your favorite singer or actor bringing you a slice of zero calorie cake of your choice, you can do this it's mind power at its best.

I would ease back on the food, violent films, and internet before going to bed

An important part of getting a good nights sleep is 'gratitude' - think of several things just before going to bed that you've done that please you during the day or last week.

Also just before retiring and in the morning first thing - recite in 'your mind' high energy words 'lovely gorgeous beautiful light' or something similar, several times. These are all high energy words that bring strength and relaxation to your body.

If you think someone you know will benefit reading this - just email it over

And if the chocolate cake and flying around the park doesn't work - bring out the number two plan - imagine an ice cream 'mr whippy style' - you know on a hot day and you get an ice cream with a flake in, just imagine eating it, that'll help you go to sleep.

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