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Some outstanding information - if people just 'stop' and look a while

I'm going to be talking about the spirit here, as I know many of our younger people on the planet are wondering - 'do we have one' - and where do we go after life here... Religions all say so many different things - they can't all be right, people would like to be brought up to date with what we 'know now' as we learn, and then pass information on....

So let me ask the younger generation here - with young families that have lived a little, learned a little, or a lot - do you want to believe we have a spirit or not?? Or that we are the only people in the universe, where as science says there are more stars/planets 'out there' than grains of sand on - 'all the world's beaches' - so just us eh...

I was car mechanic for 30 years, then I was helping with our church, which is opposite Wetherspoons in Macclesfield, where I now look after all the lovely flowers at the front... Then my life changed with my NDE, and I became psychic - not as in telling fortunes, but knowing things to teach, and share with others... I was shown a 2000+ years old vision of Jesus in my/our church in 2016 by the Holy Spirit - and the light shape I was shown also, suggesting a flag is to be put up at the top of our church - whenever that happens.

One day in church our minister was giving out these tiny drawings - and we were told to stare at them for 15 seconds - some saw nothing, some an image of Jesus - as I seen also Jesus, and at the same time my hand just glowed - so oh yes, God is looking down when we take the trouble to go to church, and 'help out' occasionally.

• I write here regarding the spirit that we all have - and the spirit in giving a little •

Butiki Children's Home in Uganda, Africa

Their email is - butichildhome@gmail.com - if someone want's to donate by other means

I have created this page here to share knowledge, and to give people chance to donate a tenner occasionally, if and when some people want to... I have designed it this way, so people can see they can 'make a difference' - those who would like to, and care a little for people who need a little - and learn something as well.

People might say to me why Africa and not in the UK - I play my part here in the UK, with my Power of the Mind and Immune System information to help to fight viruses, and to keep us all mobile - and they're/we're all God's children... I'm now a ''semi retired'' Search Engine Specialist, and a good one - keeps my mind strong that... Maybe you and I, hard working people can help here with - 'some basics' for these people over there.

I have had many zoom meetings this last few months with Ramathan, who along with his staff there look after these wonderful kids, who always have a smile on their faces... I've also spoken to Emmanue, and the people at Salvation Ministery... Can we help both groups with boosting membership numbers here please, and some funding.

Full Salvation Ministry in Malawi, Africa

Their email is - emmanuelny@gmail.com - if someone want's to donate by other means

I've heard people say, it doesn't depend on how much you give but if you believe - I can tell you 'both' are important on our journey here 'this lifetime' to help us... So maybe you would help with the group membership numbers and occasional donation - thank you.

Here's an opportunity to earn a few brownie points people - those who don't think 'I'm all right Jack' and those here who want to improve 'their own karma' by being kind - ready for the next lifetime... So those who don't get to high enough karma to stay in heaven - then after a short stay there 'back home' as we say - then here we come again for another go, that's how it works - we're all souls on a journey, with the gift of life from God.

It makes me laugh - the ''how many millions can I earn group'' - look at my little mansion... I remind people best enjoy it - because they can't take it with them on judgment day, and that day comes around I can tell you - we have to correct those minus brownie points 'karma'... We are allowed to be successful to support ourselves and our families, but not as in being too greedy - so maybe when we share a little, it's a good plan.

Religions disagree on karma - reincarnation - life plan - so, no wonder the youngsters get confused - Higher Self - as well, which we all have........ Religions house needs to be put in order to some degree - so much written incorrectly all those years ago - 'what's right / what's wrong'... So much of what's written is correct though.

I suggest here that church services in the UK should be a little shorter for the younger generation, maybe 30 mins - and 'ask who want's to leave' and others that want to, will continue with the full service - people with young families have things to do.

Also services should be informative, enjoyable, and respectful to our Maker and never ever boring, to attract the younger generation in - and people 'will enjoy it' - as it should be, and will say that was brilliant - and will come back again and again weekly/monthly...

When I was struggling fitting the new church poster glass, and delivering church invitation flyers to shops - I was ill, it felt like in those days that God was holding me up by the shirt collar... I always said on my stone I'm having 'Faithful Servant to Jesus Christ' on it.

I wonder if there are many planets under God's control and maybe this is one of the lower ranking ones - it would explain why there is so much difficulty, suffering and 'mass' poverty worldwide - so up your karma everyone, be kind to others - it's not complicated that.

Whether people are married, divorced then re marry, or partners - we are 'co existing' on this journey, this lifetime - and we are to see this lifetime though, no cutting it short...

Gratitude and 'being in the moment' to appreciate something is
so important for better mental and physical health

Slipped Disc Problems / Sciatica

Give Yourself a Good Talking To

Having trouble getting to sleep at night? So, firstly get offline 30 mins before bed, and away from the TV - get a nice book, then the last 10 mins 'do nothing'... Nice deep breaths, balance charkas if you're into that - breathe from your belly so its deep and relaxing... Think of nice thoughts, something you've done for someone, or thoughts of the past that makes you smile - or just breathe, and try and think of nothing, or your breath.

Everything in the universe and on this planet is vibrational energy, including our nails, hair, organs, blood, all made up of 100% energy 'positive and negative' - so if we took away all the energy from us humans there would be no piles of bones, there'd be nothing. So we should learn to understand how energy 'vibes' work in humans for improved health.

Returning visitors - refresh the page's please - this site is updated weekly

You won't get this info on any science websites, but you will on 'some' self healing ones... So if you have an illness, no matter how severe - 'energy imbalance' or negative energy trapped in your body, is a real possibility - that's including skin disorders, and so many other issues... Of course it can be virus/infection issues - but it's one or the other - so do some research, costs nothing to look up, no promises but self healing is always possible.

If you've learned something valuable 'to you or your family' on here please consider donating, even a tenner or more - it all mounts up to help these people with basics - the smiles on these kids faces in my zoom meetings are wonderful, heart-warming - and they live so simply, but need basics like new beds etc.

Take 20 mins off whenever 'daily' - relax and focus on Single Point Concentration - hold 'one image' in mind - for 10 seconds that makes you smile... Breathe nice and easy, then another image, and again - and pay attention to your breath - maybe just read a book for half an hour to get you offline... This is like 'being in the moment' to take away some of the never ending 'mental chatter' and I wouldn't eat food near to bedtime.

A part of feeling better is remembering 'to be kind to yourself'

• • • Increase Your Health Using the Power of Your Mind • • •

All this information can help with stress, anxiety, depression and so many other health issues - search online for keywords - self healing vibrational energy - power of the mind - chi energy self healing - mantra meditation. Also as part of my advice for improving health and energy vibrations for increased health is - if you are a 'big meat eater' I would cut back a little, it's low vibrational food, more fruit and veg is good.

Talking to your body...

When I think back - on my now pushing 70 years on this beautiful and many times dangerous planet... I've done some miles I can tell you - and fell in some pot holes on my journey 'this lifetime' and dragged myself out of them.

When I look back now with all i've learned about 'bugs and vibes' - there's a title for my book - and I think about all the times i've had aches and pains, over all the years - if only someone had taught me then what I know now - but there again, it makes you stronger 'learning the hard way' - full on knowledge.

When resting, create some happiness in your mind with 'positive thoughts'

But i'll share a little here... Three things, 1, keep a strong mind - and if it isn't, then learn, and 'research' power of the mind, self healing, energy vibrations - 2, keep those personal vibes up, a little less screen time, some house plants near where your working online, and time in nature - and 3, the old enemy ''bugs'' - infections/viruses - I used to think this is how it is - it certainly is not if the body parts involved are healthy... So learn how to defend yourself from all predators.

The same as you hear in computer terms 'systems check' - do this several times daily - be aware of something aching that wasn't an hour ago - snivels, sore this, sore that, coming on... When I was learning all this several years ago, I was under attack a lot, daily! I know this now.

A good idea, is to do a systems check in the morning 'visualising' before the up - a blue bar of light scanning from top to toe, slowly going down my body - like you may see in sci fi films - then system clear, well done cells - or we have a problem here.... But the main thing is to 'be aware' of anything different daily - takes a few moments, when you stop for a drink in relaxing mode... Have a good day/evening all...

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