How to feel stronger / wiser in these difficult times

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So let's just take a step back here, and think how did this Pandemic, or Plandemic as many called it, get hold...

If we could have shut fearmongering science / media up, saying variants are coming summer of 2020... It would have still come as a bad flu, but we'd have dealt with it much better, as the fear word wouldn't have been spread WEAKENING millions of immune systems - and the testing, same principle creating fear in minds.

The UK was one of the first to break free and tell science / greed 'back off' dictating and saying it's dangerous out there, and gave the NHS jobs back - and then freedom and hope... The young and older, healthy strong in mind began to realise they don't need jabs, and the pushing the strong and healthy stopped.

And when those new kids of now and the future grow up strong - and you as parent or grandparent are asked 'but why' do we have to have those jabs twice a year - you would say to them 'this is how it is' - and there'd be no undoing jab passports 'ever'...

Many slagged Boris and the Tories off... I bet some there were battle weary, sorting dictating EU and Brexit - avoiding a world war with Russia, delicate times... I remember youngsters here expecting to go to war - and that could so easily have happened.

And as we fought for the NHS jobs - many staff and people helping on the NHS Staff group, and part of the NHS 100 - and if all these people hadn't stood up, and 'if' we'd have stayed in the EU, the jab passports could well be in action by now.

All people are born one place or another by karma - and this small country allowing more and more in - I emailed 100+ MP's over a year ago, get the navy take them back to the French coast, then it's message delivered, don't bother - nothing done...

I'd just like to say Hi to 100's of shops / business people in many towns, I gave 'stay-strong' posters to - 2/3 years ago.

Science / media bosses did a lot of damage with all the rushing, 'they' created fear... Do the right thing we were told, get jabbed - giving flu bugs ferocious names, creating doom - lowering millions of immune systems, rushing with experimental jabs - many felt at ease, as Mail link on here - mind is stronger...

People lost their lives worldwide with all the rush jabbing

Three links here - 'ADH TV' - The World Health Organisation
'American Freedom Fighters' - and - 'The Vax-Lash' on GB News

If any come straight to this page via a link - I became psychic after a NDE in 2015, all explained on my other pages - I got involved with many Freedom Fighter Groups, and the NHS one.

Showing them as they fought for God's Free Will, regarding compulsory jabs - to calm the mind to get gut feeling guidance 'just knowing something' - guidance from God / Guides / Higher Self, I got many love comments in those 100's of messages.

This is 'just one' of many messages I sent to a dozen worldwide Freedom Fighter groups on Facebook a couple of years ago - fighting for our freedom... Most won't have heard of them - and just thought all the jabs and dictating just sorted itself out.

There's some words in this song - I can see it in your eyes how proud you were, to fight for freedom in this land.

Message, I get spiritual guidance from a high level, I was given this song to share with you - 'can you hear the drums Fernando, fighting for liberty and freedom in this land' - I've written on Spiritual Forums, Angel's page - my name on there is one-light...

I got so many songs spiritually 'sent to me' guidance - and this was one of many in those battle days.

Can you hear the drums Fernando - 'Cher - Fernando' - yes those words Freedom Fighters 'Bugles coming from afar' it was 'you' fighting for the people now, and kids of the future... Powerful words in this song, and 'we won that battle' - be proud.

Look what 'they did to people' worldwide with all the 'created fear' - and here 'The Light Paper' tell a few home truths - it's no wonder there's no money about - PPE, jabs, furlough.

I also made a point in many emails to MPs that science / greed merchants are trying to dictate / run the country, do this so called science specialists would say, or else.

Churchill once said - that science should be on tap, and not on top

More on this difficult issue, I updated last 2 years.

If people and MP's in the UK hadn't stood up, jab passports would be in place - and in a 100 years they'd still be there, telling kids this is how it is... And not all smiles in 'Australia'...

I researched mind power / viruses for 5 years - and I was a member of a dozen Freedom Fighter groups worldwide... If we think back to 2020 and we're all very much wiser - and those months before the jabs, when ''the strongest 99%+ survived'' - many would have shrugged 'this difficult flu' off without even knowing.

And jab money makers, weakening millions of immune systems - fear / don't see grandchildren - a ridiculous way of living.

Greed merchants created fear in mind's, that weakened 'millions of immune systems' - 'screenshot' - science jabbing the healthy young and strong - eventually the UK government gave jobs back, got on with life - so we try make this country better.

Mind Power and a Stronger Immune System

Mind Power - 'The Immune System' --- The Mail - 'Mind Over Body'

Info on the power of the immune system 'Dr Kim - Your Cells are Listening' - Cells and our thoughts?

Here's another on immune systems 'Cell Defence' - cells and our thoughts - and - 'Talking to Your Body' - this one's like hmm, but I did fix a good loose tooth several years ago.

I went to the collage again recently on my bike see those youngsters being free to learn, make mistakes and grow.

I stopped for a few moments, and I was remembering 2 years ago they had them masked up, and I couldn't understand the delay in just getting on with life - NHS had been sacked, and one day at the collage looking at some youngsters 'outside' masked up, I was challenged by security - difficult times.

Science greed merchants were still pulling the strings of the country, trying to get more jabbed - be free youngsters.

So, we must make sure we 'never' get into that position again masking up in schools and shops, and over jabbing the young and strong - people should learn for future generations.

But something needs to be done in the UK, with the population increase - and size of families, or future generations will not have enough greenbelt for air quality - and they'll be spending all their time in queues - people should 'think' for the kids of the future.

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