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Possible Duplicate World and Viruses

I think one thing we can all know is there is a lot of panic worldwide up to top level and downwards with this covid virus attacking innocent people.

So lets just take a step back a moment and discuss our God Given Immune System - so worry and fear turns the 'strength' of it down - positivity turns it up... I researched immune systems this last few years, and self healing energy and power of mind for 3 years prior to this virus thing coming here, causing havoc worldwide.

So 'what if' there was a duplicate world to earth far away in the universe - identical to this planet, same people, same pandemic, same worry and panic, same miserable year 2020 - but!! In this duplicate world one country does it differently - could be UK, Australia, US, Israel, Germany, or Pakistan - so I'll say UK for now - and this country decides as its autumn and getting hit again with another possible lockdown - and leaders say enough of this... Enough of being scared and hiding from this thing, lets do it differently...

We know its 'fact' that many people hardly know they have had covid - the stronger ones that is, are hardly effected, bit of a cough and its gone - defence cells in our bodies get renewed every few years - so as long as there are no underlying health issues, then we are all in the same boat with defence strength for all ages - strength in mind matters... So 80% of the population that are in reasonable health in this duplicate planet - those 80% are encouraged by government and mass TV radio advertising to smile, be positive, be strong, and just get on with it - no fear, hugs and handshakes are ok because immune systems will deal with any virus bugs of all shapes and sizes...

The other 20% of people strict masks or/and isolation while UK deals with stage 1 on this '''imaginary planet'''' - and I know there will be some looking on here who fall into that 20% some would still go out with masks as normal, while the other 80% get covid cough/chest issues and deal with it. But remember its only a theory - and those 20% are to be helped with very strict rules 'mask/visor wearing' when people come to visit, test those prior to visiting who help them, and help for those will be a priority with help and kindness.

And I know there would be casualties with the 80%, but look how many casualties there are now with all '''the fear''' going on... I put this to my wife, and all I got was but, but, but, in other words problems and people complaining its not the right way, but is the way they are doing it now right, and is going to work? Great if vaccine comes along then wait and hide - but if there's complications like sorting aids for example then what, 10 years hiding - and what about side effects from the vaccine in 1 or 2 years, no one knows do they.

This seems a good idea - a happy drug... But in the meantime we can
strengethen our own immune system, by being happy and positive

A Happy Drug Being Developed

So i'm putting it out here 'just a theory' - to see what people think what if... How would it turn out using 'OUR' God Given Immune System in top form verses covid, to be strong, more survive by being positive and get some normality back.

In reality we have to lose the fear and stress for stronger immune systems

And of course if there was a change in direction in this 'duplicate earth' with a certain country there would always be someone who says, a family member had passed away because of changes made, but look how many are losing their lives now - winners and losers either way, a lottery with this thing attacking.

Once those 80% were clear within 3 months - as they would have all, or most of them had it by then, and 'dealt' with it - they could then continue to keep the economy going, and focus on the next stage helping those 20% with great care, thought, help and kindness... Priority help given to those 20% during all this period by family and care specialists...

I wonder how they'd be getting on by Christmas or Easter in this other world - a party or two do you think? I'm not pushing anyone at all here - and not suggesting any country does this, so let's make this very clear - just a theory of mine, as in what if... Wouldn't they be the lucky ones in the UK - back to work, sports, clubs, and also schools back, and no restrictions - watch high alcohol use, it lowers the immune system... All hypothetical my theory, or is it, you never know what tomorrow brings - depends who's looking on who says, do you 'think' this could work for 'them'..... Have a good day everyone...

Have a quick look at these websites, so you can see just how the power of the mind and cells can communicate and work in harmony

A bit about me... For many decades I would get every cold and flu going it seemed, and sometimes it would come back - a nice easy target I was for viruses... Not anymore since I started to research the 'Power of the Mind' and Self Healing Energy, and some mind/cell guidance - cells have some consciousness and make decisions, and I 'learned' so much over those recent years - 3 years now, no difficult colds or flu for me whatsoever.

On this link below you see ''Self-proclaimed 'Iceman' Wim Hof'' connects his mind/brain to his cells in meditation, with some mind/cells guidance... All of us have 60 trillion cells in our body, busy keeping everything moving, and they get renewed every 7 years... A strong immune system develops and strengthens by being positive and smiling, and being kind to others daily, it boosts you're immune system... More on other pages on my website.

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Positive thoughts are so important when fighting 'all' viruses

To conclude, bring in positive energy, raise energy vibrations, feel stronger fast...

To improve your mind, aura and cell defence - be in nature at least an hour a week - less stress - be kind - stop to appreciate good things, and be in the moment - try to think of gratitude late evening and early morning first thing - take deep breaths - focus - rest and relax when the mind/body needs it - good luck - be strong in mind, starting today... Kind regards Steve.

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