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I've not seen a doctor for any appointment for over 3 years... Several years ago I was taking so much prescribed medication for stress and many other health issues, which I am not going to go into now - and since starting my health studies early 2017 I've now been totally off regular medication... I just eased off meds gently as I got stronger on my own - 'I have to suggest checking with your doctor if you do this' - but with me now, my anxiety is gone, skin is fresher, even my eyesight and focus has improved.

After being in Macclesfield for a decade, I have a slight northern twang, 'up road' - and with spending five decades in Stoke I have a bit of a mixed accent 'duck' - I don't use it here now, we all adapt slightly to new surroundings, to here now this moment. And we should all learn to be kinder to each other, and learn to pull together to make this country 'great again'... We all have something we're good at - focus on becoming even better at it - the same as I have done with my research on self healing here, and power of the mind.

When doing the dishes, hoovering, washing the car, gardening etc - and yes I do all those things as much as possible, to keep my mind nice and calm - these small jobs are good, as long as you remember just what you're doing, and not letting your mind wander off to other things... Calm the mind to keep it nice and strong for better daily focus.

just doing by bit here to help make our country a kinder, healthier, happier place

All this information can help with stress, anxiety, depression and so many other health issues - search online for keywords - self healing vibrational energy - power of the mind - chi energy self healing - mantra meditation. Also as part of my advice for improving health and energy vibrations for increased health is - if you are a 'big meat eater' I would cut back a little, it's low vibrational food, more fruit and veg is good.

To any of you out here drinking too much wine and beer while we've been shut in - my advice start now to cut back, maybe just 10% as and when you want to, every few days, weekly. I stopped drinking alcohol 12 months ago after half a century drinking the stuff - never felt better, and I don't miss it one bit. Why not keep a diary, and jot down how much, and monitor it, get it down a bit, your choice, no pressure, as and when you want to. And don't forget to compliment yourself as and when you do well, this is important.

In October 2019 I started this new website, and the 'new' visitor counter keeps ticking up a good few new visitors every day. I delivered over 3,000 of my information letters/flyers out to shops in my local town last year, to display on counters for customers, and most have been picked up by people - 250 shops and businesses are still helping with this project with new Stay Strong posters - I thank you all very much...

Energy healing can help with - stress, anxiety, rashes, blood pressure, etc etc

I just want to mention bullies and trolls here, because we are all witnessing something in society that is 'very wrong' - if I could have 5 mins with a group of them, I'd be saying do you realise you are going to have this on your conscience in 10 years time, you have to live with that and as you get older it'll effect your health more - so stop now while you can.

My many thanks for allowing me to speak to staff here at - Prestbury House Care Home - Helping Hands Home Care Services - Woodlands Care Home - Hollins Park Care Home - and to the 8 young men at Manday Night Project at Sutton Hall - and more recently in February 2020 at the Disability Information Bureau - all in Macclesfield.

Restless Leg Syndrome - I write about this here as it seems many people on my travels have this problem. I had this problem for 2 years - every night nice and sleepy, ready for bed then just nodding off and 'ping' brains wide awake because leg is tickling. Anyway try this, it worked for me - half a metre from a wall - feet and heels to the floor, then lean forward several times, gently stretching - it sorted mine out...

Difficult or Recurring Dreams - can be guidance - Information on my Spiritual Page...

Constipation Problems? - it's not been a big issue with me, but sometimes - try this, peaches in syrup in a tin, few spoons of it a day...

Twitching Eyes - I had this problem many decades ago - in a morning do some exercises lifting both eyelids up and hold for a second, maybe 5 times to strengthen eyelid muscles, and maybe again later as and when, steady at first - this sorted it for me.

Tinnitus - I know there are many tinnitus sufferers who need help, now here's where the power of the mind research can be a useful ally - I have 'T' but its under control... I used to have hearing aids, that my tinnitus specialist gave me several years ago to mask it, I gave them back two years ago after I researched the power of the mind. What can help - follow this.. First 'rest'... get yourself ready, then find some small jobs to do - say to yourself ok get on with it, focus and 'open your mind' - this is good, raise your eyebrows for a few moments when starting to get busy, focus and remember to breathe nice and easy, get busy - don't overdo it, enjoy and focus and admire your work, whatever it might be.

Thoughts increase/decrease tinnitus - think positive - nice clear thoughts... Steady with the amount of screen time and brightness, lower it eyes will adjust, get a reading book, or jigsaw puzzle. Make sure you're mind's not going 100 mph, watch the adrenaline - calm it, less time on Facebook, gaming etc, calm your mind, change your lifestyle slightly, and with relaxing breathing you'll be rewarded as your mind gets clearer/stronger. It is so important the deep breathing, if its just once every 15 mins - get it into your head 'deep breath' - I even have a note by my computer ready for when going online - breathe...

When you wake in the morning and T is having a go - it might be you've had a stressful dream, T will be up with that... Try this, focus your thoughts on 'one thing' - I see in my mind swirling energy early hours, or I focus in on T itself - just focus on one thing, one thought track - its hard but if you do, and in my case at least, if I hold this single thought for 30 seconds, it silences it for a couple of seconds. I know that's not a lot, but if you can do this a couple of times, 'I' find I have a better day with lower T all day... If you work in IT keep screen brightness sensible, and when relaxing with a drink, calm your mind, think nice thoughts, and drink plenty of water during the day - and don't forget some time in nature for better mental/physical health.

I invented 'robot' - a few years ago when I was really struggling with tiredness, lack of energy - I invented robot, its on the Giving Yourself a Good Talking To page.

To conclude, bring in positive energy, raise energy vibrations, feel better fast...

To improve your mind and aura - be in nature at least an hour a week - less stress - be kind - stop to appreciate good things, and be in the moment - try to think of gratitude late evening and early morning first thing - take deep breaths - focus - rest and relax when the mind/body needs it - good luck - be strong in mind, starting today... Kind regards Steve.

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