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Increase your vibes for better health with a smile

There's power and energy in our thoughts - thinking of gratitude / appreciation for something is so important many times daily... And I know that's not always easy - and having a laugh during the day, also is so important for good health and well being... Something nice that's happened, or something kind you've done and you've been thanked for, is so important for good health.

When you stop for a drink, later in the day, just relax properly 20 mins - and be aware that you are drinking and enjoying the drink - be 'in the moment' so you help to clear your mind of 'mental chatter' of day to day issues.

• One job at a time to calm the mind •

Words and thoughts carry energy, like - no worries / negative energy... And at night when when unable to sleep, imagine drifting down a river in a small boat, eating your favourite food - also flying is good, just try it in rest time / meditation, it calms the mind... Breathe nice and slowly and deeply - clear all those thoughts of the day away, or to one side - even imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind and body.

The light after any darkness makes you stronger when you glance back

Try not to dwell on what/if's during your day, as in too many negative thoughts - take time daily when resting or in meditation, just relax and clear the mind of 'mental chatter' no phone - I recommend resting in the bedroom, on the bed or in a chair, and remove your phone completely out of the way, listen to music on CD but not radio, to avoid news and DJ chat.

We have to try live our lives and not in our head with thoughts

So in my opinion its the mind we need to calm, and remember to smile - avoid social media and violent films just before going to bed... Sit in a comfortable position and become aware of your breath... Breathe nice and easy - just pay attention to the flow - and read a book for half an hour to get you offline.

So you and I can self heal small personal ailments - with mind power, sending love and self healing vibes - 'no guarantees' have to believe it can work... My website had this link on - here - pre covid... Useful alongside any meds... Also look on - here - she speaks of using mind power to attack cancer cells.

I went to the dentist to have a good wisdom tooth removed, what a palaver to arrange that was early 2020 - it took ten seconds as it was loose... So a year later another good tooth, right at the back became loose, but I had learned things by then, and I fixed it - it took me 6 weeks twice a day in rest visualising cells plugging it, and using hand chakras - perfect a year on, self healed.

Learn to 'stop' and enjoy your bath/shower 'relax' and not thinking of messaging or work... And when resting close eyes, breathe nice and slowly and deeply - this is like 'appreciate something in thought' to take away some of the never ending 'mental chatter' - and easy on the food before sleep.

Learn to stop smile and appreciate to increase your vibes

Returning visitors - refresh the page's please - this site is updated weekly

I've not seen a doctor for any appointment for over 4 years... Several years ago I was taking so much prescribed medication for stress and many other health issues, which I am not going to go into now - and since starting my health studies early 2017 I've now been totally off regular medication... I just eased off meds gently as I got stronger on my own - 'I have to suggest checking with your doctor if you do this' - but with me now, my anxiety and rashes are gone, skin is fresher, even my eyesight and focus has improved.

I did Power of the Mind / Spiritual talks at Sutton Hall in Macclesfield in 2019 pre covid - brilliant time, got a round of applause from a group of young men.

I became psychic in 2015 after a NDE, I started to see sparkles in mind early hours every morning - it took me 6 months to work out they were Angel Sparkles... Then later in November 2016 I was in my church in prayer with all the others there, suddenly I/as 'one-light' was shown this vision of Jesus from over 2000 years ago - yes he was here, written on page two.

I learned after it was the Holy Spirit who sent me the vision - and in 2020 I started to get His instructions regarding this virus battle / war - and to go to shops in many towns with my - Stay Strong - posters for display, which I did - 100's of them, and I met so many lovely shopkeepers and business people... I also emailed 100's of MP's and newspapers - many MP's kindly replied.

If someone has upset you in the past, remember to - forgive, detach,
move on - so you don't carry that negative energy with you...

Get some house plants near where you're working on the computer, and at home get 2 magazines, and leave them open with your favourite people on show smiling - when passing it's nice smile to look at, and try and get yourself in a more positive, happy mood - then later when you go to sleep say to yourself - tonight I feel better, I have earned my sleep... Also the robot idea is on a link here, helped me loads when I was struggling many years ago.

• It's a nice feeling to be mentally stronger than yesterday •

Over the last few months I gave out well over a thousand posters and flyers to shops and businesses in my town for display... They love them - many had important keywords on eg vibrational energy that people don't realise is there for better health, taking pressure of the health services here in our town.

So this gift of life we've been given, yes be successful enough to support your family - 'but' also, remember to help others - this life should be about taking opportunities to help others, to raise karma, with 'kindness'... But you've got so many focus only on earning, and don't share enough.

When fighting virus bugs, remember to pace yourself, and remind yourself especially online 'and breathe' - we forget to deeply enough... Also with infection attack, drink plenty of water, not tap water to help cells - and flush it out.

Energy hits the planet from the universe, we know this - and that's part of the reason we have an aura, our defence shield - and if you get hit, you'll see a glow in your mind with eyes closed... Its important you ground immediately 'hands to the grass' for a minute - and avoid stress for the next couple of days, while your aura repairs itself and avoid a stroke, as we know happens to some healthy people... Remember the Star Trek movies - captain we've been hit, the shield is down - so help the aura repair, relax...

There's power in words, thoughts and actions - and that thought power can work for you or against you personally - 'every day'...

• Self healing is available 'free' to help with so many health issues •

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Chakra balancing is good and healthy - if you look up 'science humans invisible energy system' - our 7 'energy chakras' - science people are still not sure as they don't scan... When resting put one hand over the base chakra and other hand over sacral chakra 10 seconds - all is good there, spinning nicely 'power of the mind' then sacral and solar plexus and so on, up to the crown... This I do when I get aches in shoulders, or slight headaches... A quicker way is, when resting - 'in mind' - visualise all 7 spinning nicely.

If you find you get in too much conversation with - aggressive people - energy is transferable, but if your energy is good you'll be fine... And remember, an important part of getting a good nights sleep is 'gratitude' - think of several things just before going to bed that you've done, that pleased you.

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