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Do we mask up in hospitals and care homes - or don't we

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I originally added this page just over a year ago when there was a lot of masking up going on in hospitals and care homes, and I then emailed MP's with this page.

A 100 shops in Macclesfield are supporting the NHS with 100's of tiny flyers on display -'here' or 'here' as you can in your town - with this web address on, to help us and the NHS.

Maybe some looking on will print some for display in staffrooms / in shops etc - we do this for our kids, after all we've been through this last few years, come out of it stronger.

It's a constant battle fighting infections, as they say talk to your body... I'm 70 now, my eyesight improved, and my arm rashes have cleared now since my research into vibrational energy - and The Power of Visualisation to help cells / body stay strong.

All these strong healthy NHS doctors and nurses in our country helping others - we need to keep them strong and healthy, so they can continue the good work they do.

The NHS 100 group are saying this regarding masks, and they are not always needed - you and I don't have to be a rocket scientist to work that out, regarding breathing in stale air.

We don't want to be saying to kids in 10 years time 'this is how it is' - we have to fight for change as the NHS 100 are doing, same as the jab passports that many fought against - now Jan 2023, I gave nurses flyers and emailed 100 MP's with this.

Science / media bosses did a lot of damage with all the rushing, because 'they' created fear... Do the right thing we were told, get jabbed - giving flu bugs ferocious names, creating doom - lowering millions of immune systems, rushing with experimental jabs.

Many MP's here in the UK listened to what some had been saying, that science and most media were creating fear to jab the strong, and one of the first government's to realise this.

These flu bugs have always been around, nothing changes - the difference 'is' all the fear created lowering millions of immune systems, and 'that's why' it's had such a big impact... But in this new age we are heading into - we need to stay positive.

Just 'have a look at this' video

I think in hospitals, just before someone goes for an operation it would 'be nice' for nurses to tell people, rest and to take their mind to a happy place, a beach or children smiling.

And after an operation, body in some trauma cells busy fixing things, on the mend - it would be great if people were given advice to deep breathe, relax, offered earphones with nice relaxing music, this would help with recovery - and the toilet, days after when the body is stressed - power of the mind I need the toilet / relax.

Of course masks have always been used in hospital surgery - just some common sense here, to how we let all the last 3 years control us - free will choice in the hospitals.

I'll just add some of my knowledge here - Hyperacusis, oh yes i've been there with that one 'over sensitive hearing'... Maybe some doctors / nurses look on here.

It's so important along with checking there's no damage, to retrain the ears/mind/brain to accept sounds again, gently with determination - the way I did it to 98% self heal, is to say to myself nice sound head, isn't that a nice sound - well done.

And another one, inner ears feeling blocked, if it's stress related - massage vigorously behind the ears with cream or oil - remember to breathe when stressing online - we forget to.

Toothache - if it's a good tooth infected; rub toothpaste on the gum - if you can catch it early it works well.

Tinnitus issues - when the mind is on overdrive, that tin will go up, I know... Try Open Eyes Meditation - and focus on one object for 10 to 15 seconds several times a day to steady the mind.

When my tinnitus was at its worst about 7 years ago, they gave me hearing aids - I gave them back a year later to the specialist after starting my mind strength research.

And slipped back discs, been there with that one as well - two thirds of each disc are usually in immaculate condition, as we mainly use the damaged third as we're bent over so much - 'stretching' - it's all on my prints to display - onto tummy / on elbows, 10 seconds - but gently to stretch the back 2/3 times a day.

Right now we need adverts on TV / Radio, and elsewhere reminding people to 'Stay Strong' and smile, to strengthen immune systems in millions watching, and less jabbing the strong - 'talks on masks' get a drink, it does go on a little while.

I went to my local hospital to show them all the shopkeepers are supporting, and I spoke to many nurses, and decided to add this page to help the NHS with what is a difficult issue.

And all these delays 'happening now' all due to the fearmongering over the last 3 years, set up by greed merchants - they'll have some answering to do to God their maker when their spirit exits the physical body... All the created fear, weakening millions of immune systems with their words of doom, go and hide.

So, we must make sure we 'never' get into that position again masking up in schools and shops - and no pushing the young and strong in mind to keep re jabbing, cost's us a fortune that, when that person's immune system is strong.

I'll put this to you... Imagine you are a singer in a concert, or maybe a football manager - and you shout over the antenna 'run' or 'fear' - imagine the panic and disruption in the stadium.

So don't do it to your body and your cells, sending panic from the control centre, the mind/brain, please don't do it... Use the Power of Visualisation 'its a real tool' to help guide and calm your cells - for a stronger immune system.

I made a point in many emails to MPs in 2021/2 that science / greed merchants are trying to dictate/run the country, do this so called science specialists would say, or else.

And if you think things are tough financially in the UK 2023 - just have a think how it would have been if we'd have continued on the path mass jabbing / PPE / more lockdowns / paying people to sit at home - this virus never came from China, it was here in Autumn 2019, and we were dealing with it, fear created this.

Thank you everyone who helped get back 'God's freedom of choice' - and jab passports stopped here - I and others also played our part to get the NHS nurses and doctors jobs back on our NHS UK Staff Group... So, Stay Strong - be kind everyone.

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