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Here is helpful information for 'all people' while vaccines are sent around the country - and given to those who 'want to' have it... Strength in mind is what we should teach, as I do now on several forums - a stronger positive mind helps with a stronger immune system - deep breath now, keep busy, and rest when rest is needed - stay positive everyone.

• In my opinion fear created this pandemic, time to 'rethink' and stand strong •

I was told about a lady, and what she did when they confirmed she had covid. That day, she took her 4 kids to her dad's so he could look after them - who's to say the kids didn't have covid... Secondly she went into isolation at home, locked herself away for 7 days, in her words to 'fight it' - wrong... the negative energy by being locked away, and the mental stress of feeling trapped and scared 'lowers her immune system' - 7 days later she was admitted to hospital - the skills of the brilliant staff there kept her alive, she was lucky... I think in 2030 they might say, go for that walk 'and keep your distance' - simple.

• lets just go forward 10 years, and if say another virus attacks us •

So fast forward to 2030 and we've got a new virus on the move - and they say in government, yes its more deadly that normal winter flu bugs - so we will lose more people than normal winter bugs... But whatever we do, don't give it a posh/ferocious name like back in 2020 causing fear, panic, hiding 'lowering immune systems' - because if people are stronger and keep busy, and isolate the vulnerable - then we will deal with it better.

Me and my cells we stand strong against bugs - this is how myself and my 'army' of cells deal with virus bugs that cause so many problems... We don't care if they've got a posh/fearful name - show no fear, be gone with you - get it gone cells, well done.

With all that's going on at the moment in the news, it's full of negative energy, and it lowers our immune systems... Kindness and positivity improves our immune systems so much, that's important to remember - just to slow down to appreciate simple things, a cup of tea, slice of cake, or a child's smile, some time in nature - gratitude and being alive, it is powerful to be 'in the moment' to improve your 'vibes' and so our health and defence.

If you can put one of these on show somewhere, we can help each other to be healthier.
Keep your distance for now at least - and if in any doubt consult your doctor...

With all that's gone on with the EU - some will like what's happened some will not... Many up to last year could go on 4 holidays a year, and cruises and many have nothing - and then the rich hogging so much, as in greed - more fairness will come... I'll say one thing then back to viruses - when England and the UK cannot afford to resurface pavements and roads, something is 'wrong' - I am old enough to remember when they were always resurfacing pavements in the 70/80's - so we pull together now, stop winging anyone that is, and we stand strong together now, make this country great again for our children.

There will be coughs, colds, and flu bugs around right now, be aware but try to
stay focused - don't go thinking the worst, stay strong, busy and positive.
Remember to spend time in nature, it's high in vibrational energy...

This new variant hitting the UK right now, where are all the winter flu bugs we normally get in the UK? And if you say its the mask wearing, then its not stopped covid much has it - so where are all the flu bugs? If someone had say an ordinary flu, and someone or the news told that person its covid - fear would set in, so don't think about it, fight it - because then, knowing what it is, people's 'immune systems' would go into meltdown without this virus fighting information, cells go into hiding - defence down, hospitals would soon fill up.

Just doing by bit here to help make our country a kinder, healthier, happier place

I have delivered many 100's of my Stay Strong Posters to Macclesfield, Stockport, Congleton, Leek, Knutsford, Hazel Grove and Poynton, and a big part of my side of Stoke recently... So hello to all you lovely shopkeepers out there who have displayed them.

• Self healing is available 'free' to help with so many health issues •

It doesn't matter what age you are 9 or 90 - this is about feeling healthier today

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Slipped Disc Problems / Sciatica

Giving Yourself a Good Talking To

Helping You - Sleep Much Better

Two radio stations I listen to are 'so upbeat' and positive, sharing lighthearted stories from listeners, from years gone by... It's a 'big shame' TV doesn't have adverts on, saying 'stay positive everyone' your immune system will respond - to make more people stronger, so more hardly know they've had covid, shrug it off as happens with so many people.

I say this as part of my free 'self healing' talks here in Macclesfield - when you stop for a drink, early morning or later in the day - just relax, and be aware that you are drinking and enjoying the drink - be 'in the moment' so you help to clear your mind of 'mental chatter' of day to day issues. Remind yourself this is my time this next 15/30 mins.

• keep your immune system strong everyone - so you get a cough and get it gone •

I have a strong feeling just to mention this, because it is important... Anyone reading now who knows of anyone stealing a dog, its like stealing a child - just tell them the Lower Astral Realms are waiting for them - and they should consider correcting any wrongs while they can here on earth, its dark and miserable down there in the lower astrals... Thats what Jesus means when he says 'he who follows me will have the light of life' - just think about it - and be kind on your journey, its not even complicated.

Try to keep mind/body strong, keep busy, and rest when rest is needed - always override negative thoughts with positive thoughts whenever possible, nice thoughts everybody and be kind, it'll help you with 'your' vibration level for better health for you personally on your journey here... Good luck, regards Steve...

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