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The person who is feeling down and depressed, is more likely to get hit hard with covid, so lift yourself up now, starting today - learn to smile and laugh again... So we know it's very difficult, but - we keep smiling, and carry on... A stronger immune system is the same as wearing extra body armour in a battle - because that's what we're involved in now - a battle/war... So be positive and strengthen 'your' immune system 'today' - on guard...

Of course if you get a chest infection that's getting difficult, then contact your doctor - but while its still a cough and seems manageable - then 'this' is a good option to fight it... It's also so important to 'pace yourself' daily... Remember to keep good health, your aura and immune system strong - remember a deep breath 'stop for a moment' some gratitude, just to compliment yourself and others, with simple things to raise your personal vibes.

A part of feeling better is remembering 'to be kind to yourself'

Many of us will have shrugged off bad viruses and other flu's late 2019, early 2020 - who's to say if it wasn't covid that we were all involved in at sometime, or some other aggravating little bug, so many viruses around last winter... So immune systems we need to get battle ready again... We know the strong survive this bug, so let's get everybody stronger now, ready as we move on through 2021... As Dame Vera Lynn used to sing, it's a lovely day tomorrow - 'when covid's gone'...

Churchill once said 'scientists should be on tap, but not on top' - all this fear mongering 'lowering immune systems' - and everything's covid... And is the jab going to be repeated twice every year - thats what science would like... Where are all the other flu bugs, its not mask wearing because the other, so called covid variants are getting a move on... So where are the other flu bugs?

Cell Connection - Mind / Body

I once read on a science website, the quote - 'its like another world down there' - more intelligence and awareness than we give cells credit for... Now what if they look up to you/me 'the mind' as their master or controller, then the last thing people need to be thinking of is fear... I tap my tummy probably once every day, and 'say' - all is good cells, system clear, 'well done' - also good to say in mind 'stay strong' there...

I was saying to shopkeepers, we have to 'be careful' but learn to 'remove' the fear word right out of our vocabulary... Your immune system will respond and be stronger with a smile and laughter - so send positive signals to your body and cells everyone.

Let's just go over some of the ways our bodies can get damaged... Firstly you must understand the way energy flows 'within us' and sometimes it gets blocked causing ill health'- so i'll explain... Firstly we are human beings yes, we are made of energy 100% - so that makes us energy beings... So now if you can get your head around that we are pure energy, we can then start to work out whats happening with many illnesses.

So ways to damage/hurt ourselves - 1st, is by falling over and breaking something in an accident, or eating or drinking something you shouldn't... 2nd, viruses attacking within, we all know about that one... 3rd, energy hitting our body and our aura defence shield... 4th, an energy imbalance or blockage - we are all energy 100% positive and negative energy, and when we are well, energy flows smoothly through us, nearly all positive energy.

You won't get this information on any science websites, but you will on self healing ones... So if you have an illness, no matter how severe - 'energy imbalance' or negative energy trapped in your body, is a real possibility - that's including skin disorders, and so many other issues... Of course it can be virus/infection issues - but it's one or the other - so do some research, costs nothing to look up, no promises but self healing is always possible.

It doesn't matter what age you are 9 or 90 - this is about feeling healthier today

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Don't expect this to heal everything - but it's definitely worth
thinking about - keep an open mind on it

Your Cells are Listening so Talk

I'll just put this to you all... Let's say someone is taken to hospital with 'medium' chest related issues, and is admitted - tests are taken, and let's say results get mixed up 'just as an example' - I know this wouldn't happen, but let's say it does, and the nurse says it's 'not covid' and sends you home... you'd be dancing around the kitchen - your immune system would respond immediately - better not knowing while you deal with it - I wouldn't want to know - and keep well clear of others and fight it... I think we did in March, but not sure what - so there'll be more bugs heading our way - keep busy, stay positive everyone.

There'll be other flu bugs getting on the bandwagon, and they'll have an easy time as well, if we don't 'stand strong'... Remember to put the poster up everyone, to 'help others' - and everyone else, if you like what's written, pass the web link on to others in different towns in the UK, so we all do our bit here everyone to get this virus thing gone.

Human Aura Defence and Strokes

More on Viruses and our Defence

How to Complete a Rubik's Cube

If my work here inspires and helps you, please consider coming to my/our church opposite Wetherspoons in Macclesfield for 40 mins a week/month - the church with the nice pot plants I look after - we will need more younger people when it opens... This place they talk about called Heaven it exists - I had a NDE and we have all been to this place Heaven before we came here, but we have to see life here through first, no taking shortcuts, it's not the way - its out there in the astral realms where there are more stars than grains of sand on all the beaches in the world - more on my Spiritual / Universe page.

I remember a few years ago and I was removing a couple of pots with plants from church to my car boot for replanting - and across the road, the outside balcony at the pub was packed on this sunny day, and one dear lady shouted at the top of her voice 'hey put that back show some respect' - so I had to walk across the road to explain 'I am the gardener' well I remember some people there changed from serious looking faces to rolling about laughing, it was just she didn't know I was doing this work - it just shows you the respect we get here with onlookers protecting our church plants - thank you all...

I suggest here that all church services in future should be shorter, informative, enjoyable, and respectful to our Maker and never ever boring, to attract the younger generation in - so when services are completed, younger people will be energised as it should be, and will say that was brilliant, and will come back again and again weekly/monthly...

If someone has upset you in the past, remember to - forgive, detach, move on - so you don't carry that negative energy with you...

More Smiles in Your Town or City

I can tell you thinking of gratitude, morning and evening is so important for good health and well being... Something nice that's happened, or something kind you've done that day and you've been thanked for it - this is so important for good health, and mental stamina.

Try to keep mind/body strong, keep busy, and rest when rest is needed - always override negative thoughts with positive thoughts whenever possible, nice thoughts everybody and be kind, it'll help you with 'your' vibration level for better health for you personally on your journey here... Good luck, regards Steve...

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