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I’m in my late 60’s now, and several years ago I was on so many meds... Many years later to now, and I still go running with my little dog - and riding the bike - and no prescription meds for me now since prior to 2017 - when I had some cream off the doc for skin rashes which didn’t help - but what did help and totally removed them, was research into the self healing power of natural vibrational energy ‘vibes' and I learned to smile again...

The first section here is on mind strength, followed my immune systems... When you're feeling down, remember if possible rest, then open your mind, focus, nice deep breaths, get busy, pace yourself - and remember there's power and energy in our thoughts.

Stronger Minds...

This is about calming your mind, not your brain - the brain is like this amazing computer that humans will never reproduce, and completes hundreds of thousands of tasks daily, but its the mind that's pushing the keys on the computer and making important decisions.

It's important to take time to rest daily, and remember to breathe deeply, take care with your thoughts, think positive - and don't try to go into top gear first thing in the morning, steady, while your system boots up... And 'make that time happen in nature' - if only takes half an hour of your time - high vibrational transferable energy in those trees - and you find yourself caught up in a short rain shower when out, it's good for your aura.

Anybody here in the fast lane of life right now with work - and/or online messaging, or gaming at 100 mph, give it some time off, learn how to rest - take 'some time off daily' - and learn more with what I advise here... And a little time in nature, which is nice.

How to cut down on doctors appointments for the next decade

It doesn't matter what age you are 9 or 90 - this is about feeling healthier today

We all have differing amounts of positive and negative energy in our system - that's mind'body'spirit - when you see someone who looks well then they have larger amounts of positive energy - people who are unwell have too much negative energy, and very often the first signs of negative energy trapped in our body, deposits itself on the skin as in a rash or we get sick and then heading for the doctors.

So ways to damage/hurt ourselves - 1st, is by falling over and breaking something in an accident, or eating or drinking something you shouldn't... 2nd, viruses attacking within, we all know about that one... 3rd, the sun's access energy hitting our body and our aura defence shield... 4th, an energy imbalance - we humans are vibrational energy 100% positive and negative - when we are well, positive energy flows smoothly within us.

Immune System Strength...

It's time we stop fearing these bugs, and stand strong - all the fear created, millions of immune systems went into meltdown... I've been emailing so many MP's and newspapers, big and smaller ones, 100's again recently in the UK with my website.

I spent 50 years of my life, particularly getting colds really bad - my wife and I had an in house joke, she would get a cold coming on, and she'd say go to him - and it would... Now hardly anything since my research - and bear in mind bugs/infections can get in hips, joints and muscles, i've stopped sending fear messages to my cell defence system - i've changed it for stay strong there cells, get anything dodgy moved - 'Search and Destroy'

Many are not thinking straight - all the madness that's going on here and worldwide, science and media are saying 'its coming for you go hide' and then get the boosters 'your decision' not mine... And some might think, hang on what about trusting the immune system - it's 'a cough' that'll cause massive problems though in the UK, because science/media talk will shut down/weaken millions of immune systems - then the jabbing up the young and the strong for decades 'because' of the fear being created now.

Imagine in the old days, and now when many ships were patrolling a countries waters in the sea/ocean, and protecting something lets say gas or oil platforms as an example - as your defence cells do with your valuable organs - and suddenly a ship appears that's not recognised, by a lookout with binoculars - but it seems no trouble 'just sitting there' - if it's no trouble though, eye on it, as it can be a defence against other infections.

You should know if something isn't right, and possibly something potentially dangerous if you learn to make yourself aware of any trouble... Do a systems check when first awake, then again later that same day... Do not fear - and anything unusual sort it, don't let viruses/infections cause trouble - its a battlefield, stay in control.

Talk to Your Body - Assist Healing

Cells / Viruses - Hide and Seek

I once read on a science website, the quote - ''it's like another world down there - more intelligence and awareness than we give cells credit for''... Now 'I suggest' cells look up to you/me 'the mind' as their master or controller - and the last thing people need to be thinking of is fear... I compliment my cells, and 'say in my mind' - all is good cells, system clear, 'well done' - or 'touch/press' there is a virus attack here, shoo it off...

I had mild dealings with covid March 2020, get, be gone... It's a battleground, our body sometimes for bugs... My wife had it quite bad at the same time, she had previously overworked and stressed in the card shop on Mother's day, and it got in - we think it was that bug because she is normally strong - but this time she lost taste and smell.

Someone I know was telling me about her brother from years ago, that he was a road gully emptying man - and she laughed when she said, when he used to come home he wouldn’t wash his hands eating his sandwiches - and she said do you know he never got as much as a cold - I said lol strong immune system there - as in used to on going bug battles... Not recommended, and having the jab or not, has to be your personal choice.

All this fear being created, lowering immune systems..... That original covid that ravaged through the UK in 2020 before jabs - had taken who it could, the others recovered and many stayed strong, didn't even know they'd been in contact with it, then science/media says variants on the way 'creating fear' - normal flu bugs disappeared apparently... So a bit of calm here, as we get on with life - with a smile - stay positive everyone.

The young and strong can fight viruses easier - we have to be so careful we don't create a world as in this song 'On Here' - never mind the year 2525 - the year 2025 is nearly upon us - a bit of steady and staying positive will be good here - stay strong there.

I wonder how many strong people this covid thing and it's buddies have had a peek into over the last year, and swiftly moved out again - because it was too dangerous for it... If you get a cough or snivels, don't fear it - this is battle practice for cells... When resting, visualise cells surrounding it, poking a stick at it if you like - press where, get it gone.

If you have something known as long covid, depending what your symptoms are - now it could in some cases, be all the crap left behind, and/or damage 'or' when covid was on it's knees and defeated, another bug could have sneaked in and got comfy while you're defence was celebrating victory - if so connect with your defence and get it gone...

Now we force jab the NHS staff, or lose jobs by April - and new group just created recently for the Care Home workers - you don't have to work in these sectors to join here, all good people are welcome... And these workers, worked so hard on the front line when covid rampaged through here in 2020, there was no hiding from them - just focusing on helping others, and for what thanks - the world has got to be so careful with over jabbing.

Viruses can hitch a ride on jabbed or unjabbed for a few hours... It's got so out of hand all this, so I keep pushing - I'm doing this for the NHS / Care Homes, and the kids and our grandchildren of the future... We're always under attack from bugs 'get used to it' be strong in defence - we are getting stronger you know against all the coughs and snivels.

Gratitude and 'being in the moment' to appreciate something - is so
important for better mental and physical health - and sleep

It's so important when fighting viruses 'we stay positive' so remember to remind yourself when online before a message, breathe.... And when completing reading or writing - and breathe - keep those words in mind, because we forget to, deeply enough anyway.

Power of the mind talks to collages for free

I'm going to be changing this all around soon - more power of the mind info on the main page early next year, as we have a massive MH problem with so many being locked away etc... When I designed my first Stay Strong Poster in 2020 - 100's of shops displayed them in many towns, and shopkeepers loved them - 'Hi there' my friends... And all the multiple 100's of emails to companies and MP's around the UK in 2020/1 - Hi there to you all...

If I knew 5 decades ago, what I know now - I could have saved myself many trips to the doctors and chemists over 50 years... So increase personal vibes everyone, in rest with good thoughts - and stop to 'appreciate something' with a smile many times daily.

• this song will inspire people, it's a nice video - stay alert there and stay strong •

Song'video - we'll never give in

A part of feeling better is remembering 'to be kind to yourself'

Take 20 mins off whenever 'daily' - relax and focus on Single Point Concentration - hold 'one image' in mind - for 10 seconds that makes you smile... Breathe nice and easy, then another image, and again - and pay attention to your breath - maybe just read a book for half an hour to get you offline... This is like 'being in the moment' to take away some of the never ending 'mental chatter' and I wouldn't eat food near to bedtime.

Don't dwell on 'what if's' it's negative energy - avoid any anger - keep focused and remember to breathe, especially when online... If you're feeling down - go and get 20 mins rest if possible - then say ok system rebooted let's get on with it, and open your mind and get busy with satisfying jobs - and stop to appreciate... And if anyone has hurt you in the past - forgive, detach, move on - this removes any negative energy from it.

4 high 'energy vibration' words are 'lovely gorgeous beautiful light' - if you can learn these words, and put them to the back of your mind, you can recall them, recite them in your mind on 'command' when feeling down, it will lift your 'energy vibrations' and help you to feel better and stronger, and more able to face the challenges and enjoy your day.

• • • Increase Your Health Using the Power of Your Mind • • •

I consider myself a self healing specialist - and my advice to you all is, when you get a part of your body giving problems, rub your hands together and send that part 'self healing' as in love and positive thoughts, in good intention, the power of intention - sending high energy 'vibes' in deep rest, to help it get better - and use hand chakras.

I have self healed a loose tooth of mine 'and' small ailments recently - mind power, sending love and self healing energy - positive thoughts/vibes - and cells fixing things.

Our Chakras...

So for those here into chakra balancing - if you look up 'science humans invisible energy system' - our 7 'energy chakras' - they are still not sure as they don't scan... When resting put one hand over the base chakra and other hand over sacral chakra 10 seconds - all is good there, spinning nicely 'power of the mind' then sacral and solar plexus and so on, up to the crown... This I do when I get aches in shoulders, or slight headaches... A quicker way is, when resting - 'in mind' - visualise all 7 spinning nicely.

Better Sleeping...

So its the mind we need to calm - avoid social media and violent films just before going to bed - if you go to bed with lot's on your mind, then your mind will be busy in the night.

An important part of getting a good nights sleep is 'gratitude' - think of several things just before going to bed that you've done, that please you during the day or last week.

I'm available for mental health strength short talks in churches and schools

When lying awake in the early hours, the mind likes to connect to problems and issues of the previous day or tomorrow or next week, and any problems the mind can find, it will, and dwell on them and keep you awake... So how to stop this - find the mind something to think about, and keep it busy with nice thoughts, to help you get some sleep.

At night when when unable to sleep, imagine drifting down a river in a small boat, eating your favourite food over & over eg apple pie and custard, or a nice big 'zero calorie' chocolate cake - also flying is good - learn to fly and admire the view, it calms the mind.

When resting, create some happiness in your mind with 'positive thoughts'

To conclude - try to keep mind/body strong, keep busy, and rest when rest is needed - always override negative thoughts with positive thoughts whenever possible, and be kind, it'll help you with 'your' vibration level for better health for you personally on your journey... Don't forget to help others - kindness will reward you, regards Steve.

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