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• Relaxation / Stress Reduction / Better Sleep •

We all want to be well and to be able to get on with our jobs, and love our families and go on holidays, when that might be - but mainly we need to be well to get by for now.

This is about calming your mind, not your brain - the brain is like this amazing computer that humans will never reproduce, and completes hundreds of thousands of tasks daily, but its the mind that's pushing the keys on the computer and making important decisions.

So in my opinion its the mind we need to calm - avoid social media and violent films just before going to bed. Sit in a comfortable position and become aware of your breath. Breathe nice and easy - just pay attention to the flow - and maybe just read a book for half an hour to get you offline. This is like 'being in the moment' to take away some of the never ending 'mental chatter' and I wouldn't eat food half an hour before sleep.

It's important to take time to rest daily, and remember to breathe deeply, take care with your thoughts, think positive, and don't try to go into top gear first thing in the morning, steady, while your system boots up... And try to take some time weekly to be near to nature whenever possible, only takes an hour of your time - you'll learn to enjoy it.

• • • Increase Health Using the Power of Your Mind • • •

We all have certain amounts of positive and negative energy in our system - that's mind'body'spirit, when you see someone who looks well then they have larger amounts of positive energy - people who are unwell have too much negative energy, and very often the first signs of negative energy trapped in our body, deposits itself on the skin as in a rash or we get sick and then heading for the doctors.

Another good tip I have to offer - when feeling just a little under par... Maybe afternoon or evening, rest for 15 mins, take relaxing breaths, clear your mind for a short time - then after, say to yourself, ok 'system rebooted' get on with it. Then raise eyebrows slightly, open your eyes slightly more than normal for a moment or two, and 'open your mind' and move around sharply as doing jobs - this I find, gives you mental stamina.

Words carry energy so avoid repeating words for example 'no worries' - as they are negative energy words, especially if you're serving customers and repeating them over and over 50 times during the day. I would consider using alternative eg - you're welcome, or that's ok, or have a nice day.

Mail Online - Mind Over Body

I've spoken to people who sleep with a mobile phone on charge under their pillow, I wouldn't do it - and don't handle mobiles or tablets 'when on charge' at all - it's not a good practice in my opinion... Also try to keep screen time and brightness sensible.

4 high 'energy vibration' words are 'lovely gorgeous beautiful light' - if you can learn these words, and put them to the back of your mind, you can recall them, recite them in your mind on 'command' when feeling down, it will lift your 'energy vibrations' and help you to feel better and stronger, and more able to face the challenges and enjoy your day.

• When you get up and it's raining, don't dwell on it - tomorrow the sun will shine •

If there's just one section each of you take to, then it's been worthwhile me writing this. Try this for 'one day' - say today is going to be a better day - focus on good things, be positive, feel successful and be kind to people, and help people - see how much better you feel at the end of the day as your energy vibrations rise for better health.

And at night when when unable to sleep, imagine drifting down a river in a small boat, eating your favourite food over & over eg apple pie and custard, or a nice big 'zero calorie' chocolate cake - also flying is good - learn to fly and admire the view, it calms the mind.

If you've read my 'after talks' information page, then you'll notice I mention Chakras. It is in my opinion when any of these energy centres get blocked, it can possibly cause a difficult health issue. If you check out - 'science humans invisible energy system' - they are still not sure as they don't scan. In my opinion if you're feeling some health difficulty, you should take time to look up chakra balancing for better health, and to avoid the possibility of 'difficult health issues' as I mentioned in the aura section. This information is not about alarming people, but protecting 'you' and taking some pressure of health services.

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If there is a group of you interested more in what I have to say - and I have so much more information to share, regarding healing energy and relaxation, just get in touch and we'll arrange a 'no cost' meeting here in the Macclesfield area - then you'll sleep better...

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