My Easy Way to Complete and Conquer the Rubik's Cube...

Updated and simplified in January 2021 - from my 2010 online version, designed then, to get small donations for the URC Church Macclesfield.

Before we start, its worth remembering the centre/centre pieces 6 in total, all different colours, never move position - they are part of the cube structure.

A Shengshou Cube is a good one, nice and smooth to turn.

Practice completing the top layer of reds before moving on with this, so you can complete the top layer in say 3 mins, otherwise as simple as this is compared to other formulas, it will be too hard to get your head around.

So this formula is designed for people who have practiced enough to be able to complete the first layer quickly, but have not been able to complete the whole Rubik's Cube - so I'll move straight onto the second row...

R = Right - F = Front - C = Centre - Bot = Bottom - T = Top

Rubik's Cube 1st Move Section.



Cube front face shown here, with the completed red layer at the top.

Keep your completed red face at the top. This is any one of your side faces we are looking at, which we will call the 'front face'.

This move will be useful in completing the centre layer, just practice at it, so the piece goes in the right way, but this move will show you how to put it in.

So now you will have to remove top centre red, at the front as we look at it and put in the the piece ready, that you require to go in position A... This piece has to match in colour with the front centre, and the right centre colour pieces.

Then complete the following...

You should be able to complete the middle layer, then put the top reds back in.

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Rubik's Cube 2nd Move Section.



Cube side face shown here, with the completed red layer at the top.

With this move we are aiming to get the 4 bottom corners in their correct places - it doesn't matter yet if all orange corner faces don't face the bottom, we will rotate these in the following section.

So we need all 4 corners in the same as the top - white/green/red in the same order below white/green/orange - then looking clockwise, yellow/green/orange - yellow/blue/orange - white/blue/orange - same as they are at the top.

The move sequence below swaps the two front corner pieces, as you are looking at it, with red layer on top - pieces left to right - right to left on the orange 'bottom layer' will swap positions... With this information you should be able to get all 4 corners in same colour 'positions' as the top corners.

So with the red layer at the top, and the 2 lower corners you need to swap facing you - complete the following as many times as is required.

All 4 corners should now be in their correct places - in the next move section we will rotate them to get all orange faces to the bottom face.

And yes I know, its knocked some of your middle row pieces out - you'll soon put those back in - with practice you will be able to put the 8 corners in place first, then the middle row - but this way is easier to learn, layer by layer.

Rubik's Cube 3rd Move Section.

Now turn the cube over at an angle so you can see the bottom layer face, to view it - so the orange layer is at the top angled slightly away from you.

We going to check first to see if there is just one corner orange showing on the lower layer, as per diagram - if not then a quick look to see if there are 'two' oranges showing at any side face, on the same side face, right by the orange face - we need them on the left, right near to the orange layer.

If you don't have either one or two oranges as described, then keep doing the moves below until you have one or the other.

If you have 2 oranges as described, rotate the orange layer so the 2 oranges are at your left side as you look at it, on the side face but to your left - and completing the sequence once or twice, will leave you with one orange, as shown above.

So now with the single orange nearest to you on your left side 'as above image' complete the move sequence as shown below... If this hasn't completed the orange layer, then do it again - this time it will complete.

Starting like this but angle the cube towards you...

Ok when all corners are in place, move on to the next section...

Rubik's Cube 4th Move Section.

Now we need to get all 9 oranges showing on the face.

So with the cube now with reds on top this time... So don't touch any corner pieces now, they're all in place.

If you've got all 9 oranges showing on the bottom layer 'skip these' - if you've got 2 opposite colours 'non orange' showing on the bottom layer - do this....

So now with the cube with reds on top again... You will either have 2 non oranges at an angle on the orange face, or 4 non oranges - practice needed now, you'll get better and faster at it - keep repeating this below.

All oranges in place? If so look for a completed 'side face'... If there are none then do the long code 'above' again, then rotate the cube 90* then the long code again... So its either completed, or have one complete side face.

Now with the completed side face towards you, do both these - follow this next part very carefully... If there is still only one side face complete, then do it again with the completed side facing you.

With reds at the top rotate the whole cube 90* to the right - then do this.

Congratulations if its completed...

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