I wrote and designed this page back in 2013... This is just my story - about me, and how I personally improved several slipped discs in my back many years ago in 1997. Back problems don't change, same procedures.

I don't recall much about the pain on holiday, but there was some disomfort - but the thing I recall most about my back pain (now over 15 years later) - is when heading home, I pulled up at the petrol station after driving for about an hour. At this point the pain was quite severe, and it had gone down my left leg so bad that I could hardly walk to pay for my fuel.

A week or two later battling with this, and after seeing several doctors/specialists - I was pretty much housebound, with the help of my son and daughter running our family business. At its worst I couldn't even turn to pick up and answer the landline telephone.

I think, what started my problems is rubbing down bodywork on cars - years of wear-and-tear while bending over. I was just over 40 years old and I was told I was suffering with sciatica by the doctor, and things didn't improve for a month - sleeping was difficult, getting to sleep was uncomfortable...

After a month or so, a doctor referred me to a physio - that's when things started to improve. On the first appointment, she said i'll have you walking without the aid of a walking stick within a week - and she did, I improved fast.

You can get a slipped disc from lifting and turning, or just wear-and-tear - 'anti inflammatories' were a big help to me also. The physiotherapist did say to me that I would never be able to go running or play pool again - as I appeared to be in such pain, but I went on to do both for more than a decade.

Part of the disc usually remains in good condition, so good posture helps us to use mainly the best part of the discs. Correct exercising helps ease the discs back in place away from the nerve. My exercises stretched my back the other way to usual, and took pressure of the damaged disc, and made my back more flexible instead of stiff.

By the way, if you have a damaged disc in the neck, try this - both hands to the side of your head and lift upwards for 10 seconds, several times a day, see how that goes - it stretches to allow the discs go back in, good luck...

I have helped several friends with my solution over the last 15 years or so, all had disc problems - one had tingling in the side of this chest and that turned out to be a disc problem. I believe these discs can cause pain in many areas of the body, but of course it could be another problem and not disc related.

The reason why I am writing about this now in 2013 is that it's happened again, I went to pick up a heavy box and didn't take enough care - back starts aching and I'm back as I was in 1997. The big difference is, THIS TIME - I went straight into my exercise routine - stretching, and within 24 hours I had it under control...

Be gentle with these exercises at first - very gently, no pushing it...... Hope this helps someone with similar problems.

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