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... Page of Smiles and Laughter ...

• • More 'smiles' for better 'immune systems' in your town / city / country • •

So we know 'all' viruses attacks the weak more, so let's 'now'
between us get everybody strong, or stronger - ready for autumn

A choice of uplifting videos below - Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On
The big difference now is 'people do help each other' in 2020...

Lisa Stansfield - with Coldcut

Lisa Stansfield - Live Birmingham 1990

So bring in positive energy, raise energy vibrations, feel better fast - be stronger

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A woman was taking an afternoon nap. When she woke up, she told her husband - I just dreamed that you gave me a pearl necklace... What do you think it means? - you'll know tonight, he said... That evening, the man came home with a small package and gave it to his wife... Delighted, she then opened it to find a book entitled - The Meaning of Dreams.

• I was wondering why the ball kept getting bigger and bigger, and then it hit me •

Son: 'Dad, when will I be old enough so I don't have to ask mum for her permission to go out?'
Dad: 'Son, even I haven't grown old enough to go out without her permission!'

Don't wear youself out now watching these funny videos - maybe watch one
today and another tomorrow - smile - be happy - be strong - laugh
keep busy - pace yourself - and be kind to other people

We know some people hardly know they've had this 'thing' - so let's get everyone standing strong now, or stronger so it doesn't effect everybody as much.

• So be careful but 'stay strong' everyone •

I can tell you thinking of gratitude, morning and evening is so important for good health and well being... Something nice that's happened, or something kind you've done and you've been thanked for it - this is so important for good health, and mental stamina.

I say this as part of my free 'self healing' talks here in Macclesfield - when you stop for a drink, early morning or later in the day - just relax, and be aware that you are drinking and enjoying the drink - be 'in the moment' so you help to clear your mind of 'mental chatter' of day to day issues. Remind yourself this is my time this next 15/30 mins.

Hasn't this just been typical of 2020, and how 'some' so called professional
advisers have given advice to 'some or many' governments...

Right Said Fred - Bernard Cribbins

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Energy healing can help with - stress, anxiety, rashes, blood pressure, etc etc

My many thanks for allowing me to speak 'to staff' over the last year at - Prestbury House Care Home - Helping Hands Home Care Services - Woodlands Care Home - Hollins Park Care Home - and to the 8 young men at Manday Night Project at Sutton Hall - and more recently in February 2020 at the Disability Information Bureau - all in Macclesfield.

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