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• Spiritual and the Universe •

So how do I know this place called heaven exists... I nearly died in 2015 - it can open up the spiritual channels, as in a calling if you like - similar to what we've all heard of when someone dies on the operating table in theatre for a minute in hospital, and witnesses looking down as in a spiritual OBE during a NDE. I witnessed my spirit lively, and I'm sure I felt a hand on my head, recovered so fast - then given given lots of spiritual guidance.

I was a motor mechanic for 30 years, then a website designer, then my 'life changed' - I was given this 'gift' - as in persuaded if you like, to learn and share knowledge - so believe it or not 'it happened'. I had to work at it mind, with all hard research over the last few years... And I'm here now to share my knowledge, and give something back.

So let this be a message to anyone struggling and reading right here now. There is hope - learn how to fix your body and get by - none of this cutting it short as we hear sometimes, this 'is not the way' we have to see it through, that's how it works. We have to keep going no matter what life's problems come our way... Find some sort of solution to get better and carry on, search for the light, its there - 'look' and make it work out for you - get help.

The universe has more than 200 galaxies for each person on earth - it's amazing that science can say this - also there are likely 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe. And yes it sounds a bit outrageous and unbelievable, just like what I suggested about our cells being able to tell what we're thinking to protect us with defence... Some of these comments are mind blowing, just makes you think - so much we're unaware of.

There are trillions of stars/planets in the universe. More stars in the universe they say than grains of sand on all beaches in the world... Do you think we are the only planet with life? - I know we are not the only planet with life, and I know of this more advanced place it exists, it's vast, more beautiful, and such a feeling of love and peace there.

In my early days of understanding what’s known as Spiritual Awakening, and going through the early process, I learned things... Remember what Jesus said 'whoever follows me will have the light of life' higher astral realms - there's also a dark lower astral realms, I was shown these miserable faces there - so just remember to be kind and helpful to people, it's not even complicated..

We've all been there before, it has a name 'Heaven or Paradise'... I believe we've all lived there before a very long time ago, it's home - we all come here if you like for a long - many times happy sometimes difficult journey, up to 100 years - and we've all forgotten where we came from... But for now we have to make the best of life, and get on and enjoy it.

If you are feeling sad or weary right now - as I have been many times on my
journey in life - maybe this video will help - then get help to carry on.

• • • Footprints in the Sand • • •

God created everything - well its true God created and owns everything, including that house we own or rent - the cash in the bank - so on our journey we should remember to share a little, be kind - God will smile down and be looking on... I delivered 30,000 'church invitation' flyers over many years, from 2013 onwards - so hello to you lovely shopkeepers who put them on the counters in 140 shops for our church opposite Wetherspoons in Macclesfield - 'every 4 weeks' on adverage for all those years.

So when we think - as we know we can't take the cash with us 'just your spirit' when we go back home, yes 'home' - so how does it work out when you leave 'all the house and bank balance' to your kids - all of it? You can work that one out for yourself - and on our journey give a fiver here and there, is it enough... What about the time you put in to help others, enough? This has to be your decision - don't leave it to your kids to have to give something back on your behalf - just in case they don't, if you see what i'm saying.

I have also been taking care of the church front plants since 2014 - and late 2016 I seen an image of Jesus in our church, yes a real image, yes I know what most will think, as if... I now know it was sent by The Holy Spirit - how Jesus spent his final days here on Earth, and it wasn't on the cross... Here is the link to Spiritual Forums - my name on this forum is one-light - and my vision was confirmed by Aknaton from the other side of the world.

• • • Link on Spiritual Forums • • •

• in my opinion the mind is attached to the spirit so keep it strong •
• in certain illnesses when the brain is confused - the mind will still be strong •

Everyone here has a Guardian Angel - no exceptions, everyone, also several other Spirit Guides they are 'your' spiritual support family. We are the self - when people say to you look after yourself, or behave yourself - there's also an Higher Self, just look it up online - the most intelligent part of 'you' that stayed in the spirit world.

You can believe this or not - God speaks to me through The Holy Spirit - yes I know you're thinking 'as if' that's what I would have thought when 30 yrs as a car mechanic, but he does... I got involved with delivering church invitation flyers back in 2013 to shops over many years, I was weary in 14/15 but I did it - then later I started gardening at the church front and still do at our town centre church to this day - and God want's his churches saving 'not' turned into houses, and more will want to come to church after all this is over.

I learned some key points trom this wise man on my journey

• • • Paramahansa Yogananda • • •

So anyone wanting to get closer to God go and help someone - 'be kind' beyond the call of duty on your journey of life, and maybe go and help out at your nearby church or charity, they will be pleased with any help...

One of the best bits of advice you can give an older person is, keep your mind strong because one day you will take it with you. I have passed this information on to several older people, and the smile has come back on their faces again...

I know some of you reading will say it's outrageous someone can say heaven/paradise exists. There are lots of religions as we all know, some say reincarnation some not - I say yes... I am a member of Spiritual Forums - we are a 'large group' of people who discuss spiritual matters from all over the world, and the vast majority agree with many lifetimes.

One person on the forum who could Astral Project 'at will' - and yes this is possible, many on the forum can do this, and I have personal experience as well - it's like out of body experience as in the hospital operating table I was talking about. Anyway this lady was saying when her elderly relative passed away she immediately AP out of body, then went with her to the golden steps they could see ahead. Her 'close' relative was allowed up but not her as she was still alive - some sort of barrier stopped her she said.

My thoughts on this... Normally your Guardian Angel would be there to guide someone on passing - but in this case she was allowed to 'do/see' and share this information. She said on the forum, it was the most beautiful light she'd ever seen...

You'll make your own minds up on this - but I remind people reading, we have to see our life through here first - no cutting it short... This is important - and be kind your journey...

So your personal 'spiritual support family' are interested in you, not Joe Blogs or Betty Smith down the road - YOU - and when you may have thought at sometime in life does anyone care? Yes they do - but God put something in place that 'higher knowledge' cannot interfere with, and that's called Free Will, that's where we make our own choices and mistakes and learn how to correct them ourselves, with sometimes some gentle guidance.

So back to energy again - everything is energy, I mean everything... So feed in some 'high quality energy' - to your system - mind'body'spirit... If you feel you need a energy boost for 'healthy vibration levels' recite in your mind, whenever you get a moment during the day or evening - 'lovely gorgeous beautiful light' - these are all high vibrational energy words.

Vibrations of energy is not how much we have in our body but the quality of it. Try to avoid things like stress and anger, prolonged conversations with any aggressive people, as energy is transferable from one human to another. You can improve positive energy levels and push out negative energy from the body, by being nice and helping people, smile, breathe, stop to admire special moments during the day, and spend time in nature.

When deeply relaxed - think of some part of your body that you feel some stress or illness in. Imagine healing light/energy targeting the area, or ask your Guardian Angel to help, send you some love and energy to ease or heal it, also prayer is very powerful, I know...

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