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Science says there are more stars/planets in the universe than grains of sand on 'all the beaches' in the world - it's vast... Try to count the grains of dry sand in a teaspoon full, no way - the universe is massive - there are so many galaxies for every person on Earth.

So the universe has more than 200 galaxies for each person on earth - it's amazing that science can say this - also there are likely 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe. And yes it sounds a bit outrageous and unbelievable, just like what I suggested about our cells being able to tell what we're thinking to protect us with defence... Some of these comments are mind blowing, just makes you think - so much we're unaware of.

I'm going to be talking about the spirit here, as I know many of our younger people on the planet are wondering - 'do we have one' - and where do we go after life here... Religions all say so many different things - they can't all be right, people would like to be brought up to date with what we 'know now' as we learn, and then pass information on.

So let me ask the younger generation here - with young families that have lived a little, learned a little, or a lot - do you want to believe we have a spirit or not?? Or that we are the only people in the universe, where as science says there are more stars/planets than grains of sand on - 'all the world's beaches'...

So how do I know this place called heaven exists... I nearly died in 2015 - it can open up the spiritual channels, as in a calling if you like - similar to what we've all heard of when someone dies on the operating table in theatre for a minute in hospital, OBE and witnesses looking down as in a NDE... I witnessed my spirit lively, and I'm sure I felt a hand on my head, I recovered so fast - then given given lots of spiritual guidance.

In my early days of understanding what’s known as Spiritual Awakening, and going through the early process, I learned things... Remember what Jesus said 'whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but have the light of life' higher astral realms - there's also a dark lower astral realms, I was shown these miserable faces there - 'who'd wronged badly' - so just remember to be kind and helpful to people 'this lifetime'.

So besides getting instructions/guidance from my Higher Self, Guides 'who ive seen' and my Angels who have helped me more than once 'avoiding accidents' - I also get guidance from the very highest level in heaven - yes it's out there heaven in the universe.

Sometime in 2020 I was taught by higher knowledge that the older trees have an Angel assigned to them - I wrote about this on Spiritual Forums over many months, there ready assigned by God, for if you need to chat.

Everyone here has a Guardian Angel - no exceptions, everyone, also several other Spirit Guides they are 'your' spiritual support family. We are the self - when people say to you look after yourself, or behave yourself - there's also an Higher Self, just look it up online - the most intelligent part of 'you' that stayed in the spirit world, and guides us daily when we learn to listen by calming our mind.

Supporting Churches / Better Mental Health / Charities

Interested in donating a little, anyone I've helped here? These people require basics - Butiki Childrens Home - beds, instead of sleeping on blankets - and financing for construction work... I've had many zoom meetings with Ramathan and the staff/kids there... Someone looking on must have been left something they can give for beds or construction work there.

Your personal 'spiritual support family' are interested in you, not Joe Blogs or Betty Smith down the road - YOU - and when you may have thought at sometime in life does anyone care? Yes they do - but God put something in place that 'higher knowledge' cannot interfere with, and that's called Free Will, that's where we make our own choices and mistakes and learn how to correct them ourselves, with sometimes some gentle guidance.

It makes me laugh - the ''how many millions can I earn group'' - look at my mansion... I remind people best enjoy it - because they can't take it with them on judgment day, and that day comes around I can tell you - we have to correct those minus brownie points 'karma'... We are allowed to be successful to support ourselves and our families, but not as in being too greedy - so maybe when we share a little, it's a good plan.

When we think - as we know we can't take the cash with us 'just your spirit' when we go back home, yes 'home' - so how does it work out when you leave 'all the house and bank balance' to your kids - all of it? You can work that one out for yourself, don't leave it 'all' to family - share some while you can, raise your karma with kindness.

So anyone wanting to get closer to God go and help someone - 'be kind' beyond the call of duty on your journey of life, and maybe go and help out at your nearby church or charity, they will be pleased with any help.

Free online spiritual talks to care homes and churches

I delivered 30,000 'church invitation' flyers for display on shop counters over many years, from 2013 onwards - I have also been taking care of the church front plants since 2015 - and late 2016 I seen an image of Jesus in our church, yes a real image, yes I know what most will think, as if... I now know it was sent by the Holy Spirit - how Jesus spent his final days here on Earth, and it wasn't as told... Here is the link to Spiritual Forums - my name is one-light - and my vision was confirmed by Aknaton from the other side of the world.

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• in my opinion the mind is attached to the spirit so keep it strong •
• in certain illnesses when the brain is confused - the mind will still be strong •

One of the best bits of advice you can give an older person is, keep your mind strong because one day you will take it with you. I have passed this information on to several older people, and the smile has come back on their faces again.

So God created everything - well its true God created and owns everything, including that house we own or rent - the cash in the bank - so on our journey we should remember to share a little, be kind - God will be looking on.

God doesn't want his churches running low on congregation, and then closing

I now get instructions from the Holy Spirit, similar to the Prophets of long ago, and yes a messenger of God, since becoming psychic... And yes I know you're thinking 'as if' that's what I would have thought when I was 30 years a car mechanic, but I do - and I do get guidance from God and Jesus since my NDE and getting involved, delivering 10,000's of church invitation flyers to shops over many years - I also look after the flowers at our town centre church front.

Religions disagree on karma - reincarnation - life plan - so, no wonder the youngsters get confused - Higher Self - as well, which we all have.... Religions house needs to be put in order to some degree - so much written incorrectly all those years ago - 'what's right / what's wrong'... So much of what's written is correct though.

I suggest here that church services in the UK should be a little shorter for the younger generation, maybe 30 mins - and 'ask who want's to leave' and others that want to, will continue with the full service - people with young families have things to do.

Services should be enjoyable, and respectful to our Maker and never ever boring, to attract the younger generation in - and people 'will enjoy it' - and will come back again and again weekly/monthly...

When I was struggling fitting the new church poster glass, and delivering church invitation flyers to shops - I was ill, it felt like in those days that God was holding me up by the shirt collar... I always said on my stone I'm having 'Faithful Servant to Jesus Christ' on it.

I wonder if there are many planets under God's control and maybe this is one of the lower ranking ones - it would explain why there is so much difficulty, suffering and 'mass' poverty worldwide - so up your karma everyone, be kind to others - it's not complicated that.

Whether people are married, divorced then re marry, or partners - we are 'co existing' on this journey, this lifetime - and we are to see this lifetime though, no cutting it short...

We've all been there before, this place 'Heaven or Paradise'... I believe we've all lived there before a very long time ago, it's home - we all come here if you like for a long - many times happy sometimes difficult journey, up to 100+ years - and we've all forgotten where we came from... But for now we have to make the best of life, and get on and enjoy it.

If you are feeling sad or weary right now - as I have been many times on my
journey in life - maybe this video will help - then get help to carry on.

• • • Footprints in the Sand • • •

Why not spend a little time in church, calm your mind - raise your karma

I know some of you reading will say it's outrageous someone can say heaven/paradise exists. There are lots of religions as we all know, some say reincarnation some not - I say yes... I am a member of Spiritual Forums - we are a 'large group' of people who discuss spiritual matters from all over the world, and the vast majority agree with many lifetimes.

One person on the forum who could Astral Project 'at will' - and yes this is possible, many on the forum can do this, and I have personal experience as well - it's like out of body experience as in the hospital operating table I was talking about... Anyway this lady was saying when her elderly relative passed away she immediately AP out of body, then went with her to the golden steps they could see ahead. Her 'close' relative was allowed up but not her as she was still alive - some sort of barrier stopped her she said.

My thoughts on this... Normally your Guardian Angel would be there to guide someone on passing - but in this case she was allowed to 'do/see' and share this information. She said on the forum, it was the most beautiful light.

You'll make your own minds up on this - but I remind people reading, we have to see our life through here first - no cutting it short... This is important - and be kind your journey.

Jesus said 'whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but have the light of life' - higher astral realms... And that's why its important to believe, and be kind to people... I hope this information has made a difference to someone's life - my kind regards to you all, Steve.

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