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Talking to yourself - is it right, is it wrong - we'll just take a
look though all the rights and wrongs in this section

If you find yourself talking to yourself a lot - its ok if it's just to give you a lift or a boost, as long as you know who you are - not as in two different people in conversation.

I'll tell you how talking to yourself helps - talk gratitude in the morning and late evening, tell yourself and think/talk though some of the days/weeks great moments. Did you ever have a sneeze, right when you're in the middle of something important, and say great timing - that's talking to yourself or your nose... Bet someone here can relate to that timing.

specialists agree - talking to yourself is healthy as long as it's under control

Be kind to yourself, and compliment yourself - think of something good or kind you've done, this is so important for mental stamina and focus. You can use 'self talk' to work through problems and calm your mind, do it in a slow thoughtful manner so as not to add stress to your mind and your general physical well being.

I talk to my Higher Self many times daily in my mind, going over ideas, thinking of solutions, to issues - just let anyone try saying you shouldn't connect to your intelligent gut instinct as many refer to 'my gut' in this fast lane of life, which is Higher Self - I tell you, many great songs were written when the writer was asleep, or in deep rest when connection from 'your best advisor' Higher Self is at it's best. Again you have to remember who 'you are' - you are the self, as in true self, look after yourself, behave yourself.

If we speak out loud to ourselves, it many times slows the mind down to calm it

I messaged on a MH forum last year where a young lady was thinking of getting help for her dad who had started talking to himself - join the club I said, I answer myself back, usually with good advice. So its ok to give yourself a good talking to in a good positive way, and sometimes even a telling off - or complimenting yourself - good boy/good girl.

When you're trying to fix something and you 'say' why's that happening? ok right - isn't that talking to yourself... I talk to my printer - come on get a move on - is this wrong... lol.

In my opinion it's ok to talk to trees, those people know something - trees are high in quality 'transferable' energy. Pigeons that's ok, even if it's only get moving... And your cells and body that's ok as well - all these mentioned have consciousness 'fact' - and all this is ok as long as you know who 'you' are as in the self.

The Power of Visualisation - success is good, try not to get to greedy, it will just make you unhappy... Success is good, and don't let it control your life - go with the flow and enjoy your journey of life, because that's what it is, a journey. Better to have enough finances and help people along the way, enjoy being successful 'and' sharing kindness.

Try and avoid negative self talk or thoughts - replace with I will or I can

You hear of people talking to plants - guess what science has proven this helps and they respond.... My talk about this is not to get you all talking to plants, but to show you its ok to talk to dogs, cats, your rabbit or budgie - as long as you you know who 'you' are.

So anyone reading now, who doesn't agree with talking to yourself - your hand or foot ever give you trouble, and you say 'what's up with you foot'!! - like I said before, it's all about knowing 'yourself' as in self control..

Replace I can't check my emails after 9pm to - I don't check my emails after 9pm

Make sure its your good thoughts coming through as in good human intentions, and not ones of the controlling ego. the ego has its benefits, It's a safety mechanism, without it we would cross the road without looking - but be aware of the ego getting too strong and controlling, keep it at bay nicely - back in line where you belong.

Giving yourself a push - do you ever find yourself saying - come on buck up - get a grip - calm down - good boy/girl - behave, and so many more... I'm so annoyed with myself - must take better care of myself.

I did my talks at the Disability Information Bureau recently - I enjoyed it as did the people there - when I got home, I said to myself - job done, successful and I enjoyed it, good lad.

Have you ever said to yourself, before an interview - remember to breathe, relax, focus - just be calm, don't mess up... This is ok.

See if any of this applies to you before going out... Checklist - phone, keys, briefcase, handbag, drink, doors locked - I'm just using these as an examples - but you see what i'm saying, and this is all perfectly normal, as we all know - still talking to yourself.

A big part of being 'successful, healthy and happy' is -
- being kind and helpful to others... 

I don't know if I should mention this but I'm going to anyway - I was thinking shall I put this on here, people will think it's strange, 'different' to what you read on other websites, then I remembered, you'd already read my other information - that's ok then go for it... A few years ago when I was really struggling with anxiety, lack of energy and other issues.

I invented 'robot' - it helped me soooo much, and that's why I'm going to say about it here. You know when it's early morning, you look in the mirror, and say to yourself I really don't want to do this. That's where robot comes in, I would look in the mirror and say robot, then I would reply to myself yes or mhhh sound I used to make in reply - and immediately those bent shoulders would be straight and head was up. It gives you like an inner strength.

This helped me, and this is about 'me and you' - if you want to try it, and this is ok to use in my opinion, as long as you know who 'you' are the 'self' - as in behave yourself, look after yourself - they are simple words to remind us we are 'the self' - you'll be fine to try it... Just be careful if you start walking like one, I'll be able to tell when I see you shopping.

A section on 'intrusive thoughts' or 'hearing voices' in your head... If you have this issue then you'll know what a real problem it can be... You will find many websites with information on this... I have my own theories with my knowledge/research and advising on many MH forums, and I have some very simple solutions that can help in many cases. Thoughts carry power and energy, so think positive... And in this case focus on removing 'any fear' right out of your mind; eat less meat and more veg to increase energy vibrations for good physical and mental health. If you find yourself thinking a negative or destructive word, override it with words - eg, love, light, 'high energy words' - or back or behave. This might sound strange advise to most people, but if you have this issue, then you'll see it helps. Also focus on increasing 'energy vibrations', for improved health, this should help you get more 'self control' of your mind and thoughts.

Some people, not everyone on the planet has this problem - but some people do have problems, controlling 'the inner voice' - if that's you then research it... Here is a quote off a website that might help - An old Cherokee told his grandson, 'My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One shows anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego. The other is good - it is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth.' The boy thought about it, and asked, 'Grandfather, which wolf wins?' The old man quietly replied, 'The one you feed'.

I hope this helps if you personally have voices/intrusive thought issues.

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