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I have read so many times, illness is just trapped energy - I'll add 'or a virus'

Have you noticed viruses move around... I can remember my dear mum half a century ago saying, I can feel the germs moving around - I remember those words, and all these years later I can sense the same. It might be as I get older, but I have been saying this to my wife for many years now, and this year my wife has noticed it as well.

It might sound like science fiction, but if you take time to research as I have, then these bugs can change, attack, disguise themselves - anything they can do they will to avoid our defence system... It's a battlefield - so help your defence cells, give some clues where it is hiding - it's not even complicated - 'mind power' but you have to believe it's going to work.

In 2017, I had a virus in my left hip - it put me out of action for six weeks, I even had a message from my - Higher Self - saying it's 'infection'... And if anybody tries to tell you viruses can't get in a hip, I'll tell you them little things 'can' get in muscles and joints.

Two years on now 2019, and when everybody else seemed to be dealing with coughs and sickness - the virus that was going around everyone, got in my hip 'again' didn't catch it quick enough, it got stuck - but this time it was on its way out in 7 days... But this time I was using my 'mind to find' and shift procedures, and focusing on getting rid of it, and I kept mobile... Now a few months on, early 2020 having a go in my hip 'again' - this time with me helping and advising here, I had learned and thought about it more, caught it early, gone in one day - trick is, keep viruses on the move, don't let them settle in.

So late 2019 as the virus was attacking my hip, I notice the problem I get with a gum and tooth I had an issue with, has not been a problem once in this time, because it was busy having a go in my hip, which is now clear. I'm just saying this to help make it clear to people reading - just how viruses can move around, and very fast they can as well.

Power of the Mind Verses Different Virus Issues

I remind people cells have some consciousness/awareness enough to squabble over who is lead cell in attack and sorting viruses. So I guide them for just a few moments, or appreciate everything's calm well done cells, systems clear, or this feels better, whichever applies - gratitude is nice, again your choice people here, this is how 'I' do it...

I do this occasionally for my entertainment, if I get a slight tickly cough, and yes I do sometimes get one, but I get it moved on fast... I relaxed and visualised defence cells surrounding a virus poking sticks at it - come out you little bugger lets have you, and another cell with a big spade just at the ready, boo! splat!! It was no more... This was just for my entertainment, mainly I visualise cells surrounding it and leave them to it.

So anyone thinking this is a bit far fetched - have a look at these similer articals

We used to have a in house joke me and my wife over the last decade, as soon a winter cold/flu type of bug started bombing around town, she might get symptoms first then it would come to me 'there's an easy target' and I'd get stuck with it - not anymore... Now I'm the strong one 'not bragging' sharing information. So now two people here, strength in minds, difficult target for viruses... Be strong everyone make it difficult for them.

So early hours before the up, still in bed, nice and relaxed - I do a full systems check, I visualise a check on basic body parts - then a scan like you see on films, and a thin bar of light that goes across your body, then down your body slowly - system check... Ok you might say, that bits still troublesome, or that doesn't work as it should, checking each part as you wish, then maybe spending a moment guiding cells as in self healing 'power of your mind' - then check for viruses in your body best you can; snively snout blocked as I call I call it, nose to everyone else - something's trying to get in here 'press gently' move it on please, lets get it sorted. I remind people this is how 'I' do it...

Be Aware of Potential Viruses Around - But Be calm, Positive and Carry On

I was just beginning to do tests with other people, one elderly lady but she has so many health issues, not sure on that one - the other young man with kidney stone, so much pain he was in - the two times I seen him over a week, he was in tears - then the idea hit me to share with him - why don't you use the power of your mind to get cells to sort/shift it - I seen him a couple of weeks later, its clear 100% cured, and he used my system - whether it would have gone anyway we don't know but it cleared, which is the main thing.

So what's wrong with spreading the power of the mind idea, we've forgotten it's there - and the Power of Visualisation, arranging a patrol with your cells checking systems. i've personally been shifting colds/flu early virus attack now for 3 years 'no colds here' - don't fear it, stay strong - and when your cells shift that cold, boo! got ya, be gone!! Well done defence cells... This advice is for adults by the way, I can't suggest for kids.

I don't know if everyone here has time to read this article - but here is a quote from it, for those that do... For example, scientists looked at a group of people, scored them on the basis of happiness and tried to find out whether there was a gene that was associated with happy people that was not active in unhappy people... Sure enough, they found a particular gene that seems to be more active in happy people - so just try to be happier.

Quote - The Wisdom of Your Cells

Ok, if reading all this hasn't worn you out - go and help others if you want to - and as for viruses - 'cells on guard' - and share this link if you want to with others - good luck...

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