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Heal yourself with positive energy (my research) - here's information to improve well being.

In a few simple steps, you can bring a nice feeling of peace into your body. You can help feel better over coming days/weeks, using your thoughts and actions to change the frequency and flow of your energy.

Gratitude and 'being in the moment' to appreciate something, is so important for better mental and physical health - make time thinking of gratitude 'something that pleases' morning and evening.

We should all allow time for at least one hour per week in nature - and when walking amongst the trees which are high in transferable vibrational energy, be sure to keep the mind clear, be aware 'that you are walking' and not thinking of daily issues - take time to admire birds, children and dogs playing.

I have good advice for slipped discs, and prevention from sudden strokes on 'page 2 to display' on my website... I also recommend lowering alcohol weekly, and more exercise, to help your 'system' - mind'body'spirit that is all 100% energy, researching self healing can assist reduced medication.

Vibrational energy 'vibes' is a real thing - if vibes to get low with things like / fear / anger / anxiety / depression / then our health is at risk starting with minor ailments, which can then lead to more problems... When having a rest and a nice drink - take time and do a systems check to 'feel' if all is well.

My eyesight improved, and my arm rashes have cleared now since my research into vibrational energy... And The Power of Visualisation to guide cells 'works' - I fixed a hip / virus problem and loose tooth.

I don't need to tell you about putting a mobile to ear when on charge... And we have to learn to be kind to ourselves - lose those anger low vibes words, improve the thought action patterns - and say well done sometimes, and appreciate 'something' - soak those good thought / feeling - vibes up.

If you find your mind is on overdrive - go easy on the online activity, and when resting try to calm it by looking at a single image in your mind or on the wall, and hold that single image for 10 seconds, then another... You can also imagine a nice high vibes word like 'wonderful' in a banner at the top of your mind.

We should all take time to come out of the fast lane of life, and remember to rest for 15 mins a day to rest the mind and refresh the protective aura 'defence shield' against sudden Sun's energy bursts - after the rest, focus your mind, raise eyebrows, and say to yourself, ok system rebooted lets get on with it.

Make time in rest / meditation, just relax, a nice drink and clear the mind of 'mental chatter' with no TV, and phone out of the way - just for a short while, maybe listen to music... Close eyes, breathe gently, and maybe occasionally imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind / body / aura.

If you're having trouble sleeping, say i've earned my sleep, then nice breaths - then try this 'reverse strategy' instead of saying I hope I can sleep, try to stay awake - then as in bed, focus on a single image in your mind for 10 seconds, and another - and maybe try flying, or drifting down a river in a boat with your friend or a piece of cake - you'll soon nod off - 'if your mind isn't on overdrive' so to speak.

When you're eating / drinking 'be aware' of what you're doing 'eating / drinking'... Also get 2 magazines opened up with actor / singer smiling faces, and put them on show somewhere, and start your day with - 'today / tomorrow is going to be a better day' - then make it happen.

If anyone has hurt you in the past, it's important to 'forgive/detach/move on' - because negative energy from an incident from the past can linger - so say those words and release that poor energy attached.

Make time to sit in a comfortable position during the day, when having a break for refreshments - and become aware of your breath... Breathe nice and easy, just pay attention to the flow, in and out, in and out - no judging it, no changing it, nice and calm, and just feel yourself relax. This is like 'being in the moment' to take away some of the never ending 'mental chatter' and feel calm.

Take your hands (palms together) in front of you and rub them together for 10-15 seconds, let them become warm from the friction... Smile as you are rubbing your hands together, see if you can move that energy to any part of your body you may feel some stress or illness in - and take this time to enable you to switch your mood to relaxed and positive in this short time.... Regards Steve 2023, there's more on my website.