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Heal yourself with positive energy (my research) - here's information to improve well being.

There's power and energy in our thoughts - thinking of gratitude / appreciation for something is so important many times daily... And I know that's not always easy - and having a laugh during the day, also is so important for good health and well being... Something nice that's happened, or something kind you've done and you've been thanked for, is so important for good health.

Try not to dwell on what/if's during your day, as in too many negative thoughts - take time daily when resting or in meditation, just relax and clear the mind of 'mental chatter' - I recommend resting quietly, remove your phone out of the way - listen to music, but not radio, to avoid news and DJ chat.

Words / thoughts carry energy, avoid saying no worries 20 times a day... And at night when you're unable to sleep, imagine drifting down a river in a small boat, eating your favourite food - also flying is good when trying to sleep, it calms the mind... Breathe gently - clear all those thoughts of the day away - even imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind and body.

Going back to 1997 I had several slipped discs go, 43 years old and using a walking stick - it was a while later when I got to see a physiotherapist - she gave me many exercises to do, but 'one' of those exercises I adapted... So if you or someone has this issue, this is what I developed - onto tummy and on the elbows on the floor or the bed, and for 10 seconds and stretch, no more than 10 seconds, and gently while the back gets used to stretching the other way - and a few times a day, but gently, you will feel it ache, this is good - I still go jogging all these years later, and stretch a couple of times a day.

The sun's energy hits the planet - and that's part of the reason we have an aura, it's our defence shield, it can be seen with a Kirlian Camera - if you get hit with an access burst of energy, you'll see a glow in your mind with eyes closed... I believe this is very rare thing to happen, but it can, it's important you ground 'hands to the grass' for a minute to remove the glow - and avoid stress for the next few days, while your aura repairs itself and avoid another 'hit' and a stroke, as we know happens to some healthy people... Remember Star Trek - captain we've been hit, the shield is down - so help the aura repair, relax.

Life's what you make it, you'll hear some people say, but there are many pitfalls along our way... We have to learn to 'stop and appreciate' because life is about moments and getting on with things - and being wealthy, yes i've been there with that one... But some think this is perfect, and it'll stay that way - either very brave or short-sighted, different years bring different problems - but stop appreciate / be kind, lift vibes.

Be aware of what goes on inside you - viruses / infections can change shape and hide in cells... Science has proved cells have awareness and make decisions as in racing to be lead cell - so be aware what goes on, and help with some calm and mind power - relax, use the 'Power of Visualisation' and visualise cells attacking any infection - I communicate with mind power and 'touch' on the problem area where the virus is hiding - this works if it's done quickly enough, especially when its a tooth, hip or disc is infected.

If someone is struggling with intrusive thoughts, as in voices, it's important this is stopped in its tracks... Words carry energy, override with the word 'love' - also look up controlling ego... 4 high 'energy vibration' words are 'lovely gorgeous beautiful light' - one can recite these words in the mind on 'command' when feeling down, it will lift 'energy vibrations' and help regain confidence, and lose any fear - to get more 'self' control.

Our chakras, are connected to our aura. When any of these energy centres get blocked, it can possibly cause a difficult health issue... If you check out - 'science humans invisible energy system' - they are still not sure as they don't scan... In my opinion if you're feeling some health difficulty like aching shoulders for example when sleeping, you should take time to consider chakra balancing for improved health - visualise all 7 spinning 'mind power' or with hands over 1 and 2 for 10 seconds, then 2 and 3 etc - it takes about a minute.

You can learn so much online, to avoid stress, anxiety, depression and so many other health issues - search online for keywords - self healing vibrational energy - power of the mind - chi energy self healing - mantra meditation. Also as part of my advice for improving health and energy vibrations for increased health, is to eat healthy.

To conclude, bring in positive energy to your system, raise your energy vibes, feel better and much stronger... Kind regards, Steve 2023 - there is more information on my free website.