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So, to pick yourself up, take your foot off the internet pedal, and get out in nature for a walk daily - and when out walking don't think about what if's or internet, be in the moment.

Remember to breathe when you're out and about - and stop to smile and appreciate something.

Be kind to yourself - soak up some good moments, people smiling, good thoughts of something - soak those high vibes up.

A met an homeless man when delivering health posters to shops, one leg he had - I asked re steel leg - Army mate he said, he looked strong in mind - I said it's a disgrace you're on the street after fighting for your country - tears flooded in his eyes.

So people maybe not in such a hopeless position 'get help' pick youself up mentally, then push on.

Also remember, if you don't pace yourself daily you won't sleep well - if your mind is on overdrive all day, then it will still be in the night - the mind needs time to calm down.

4 high 'energy vibration' words are 'lovely gorgeous beautiful light' - if you can learn these words, you can then recite them in your mind on 'command' when feeling down, it will lift your 'energy vibrations' and then help you to feel better and stronger, and more able to face the challenges and enjoy your day.

We are all in one place or another, and different circumstances on this planet by God and karma from former lifetimes - difficult situations 'can be a test' - get help if you need it... You've got to earn this better lifetime - then be kind, to better the next one.

If you'd have told me some of this stuff half a century ago when I was a car mechanic for 30 years, I'd have said what! But since, with my spiritual awakening i've been taught so much.

You have to get help to be stronger naturally sometimes with light meds, then connect to Guides 'with mind clear' for proper guidance / the gut feeling in deep rest.

When doing the dishes, hoovering, washing the car, gardening etc, to keep your mind nice and calm - these small jobs are good, as long as you remember just what you're doing, and not letting your mind wander off to other things... Calm your mind to keep it nice and strong for better daily focus.

And out there in space as science say more planets than grains of sand on the worlds beaches - you try counting grains of sand in spoonful... And out there in the vastness of space is this place called heaven - you've all been there before.

So many religions say things 'differently' - I'll tell you, I know 'we have all lived many lifetimes' on this planet, yes sent back 'gift of life' to go again, karma wasn't high enough.

Being as science / space websites say, more planets than grains of sand on the world's beaches, maybe there's half a dozen Earth like planets in the universe under God's control, this a difficult one - so kindness increases karma for the next journey.

I was shown 'on more than one occasion' - the lower astral realms out there in deep space, and all these miserable distorted souls / faces, just drifting in the darkness for eternity - they'll be the murderers / dictators, and a few others I expect.

So as written centuries ago, hell is burning fire / no! It's the lower realms... That's what Jesus means, follow me 'light'...

Now there might be a few on here who've done things - but it's never too late to be kind / increase your karma for the better - Jesus said the lost sheep are important.

We all have to deal with day to day issues, but 'over worrying' - if this happens to you a lot, just take a moment to remind yourself 'the tiger hasn't entered the room yet' - this will put any worrying thoughts into perspective in your mind.

A few years ago I invented 'robot' - it helped me soooo much. You know when it's early morning, you look in the mirror, and say to yourself I really don't want to do this.

Bring in robot, I would look in the mirror and say robot, then I would reply to myself yes or mhhh sound I used to make in reply - and immediately those bent shoulders would be straight and head was up. It gives you like an inner strength.

When you stop for a drink, early / later in the day - relax, be aware that you are enjoying the drink - be 'in the moment' so you help to clear your mind of 'mental chatter' of day to day issues. Remind yourself this is my time this next 15/30 mins.

When it's raining, don't dwell on it - tomorrow the sun will shine

If there's just one section each of you take to, then it's been worthwhile me writing this. Try this for 'one day' - say today is going to be a better day - focus on good things, be positive, help people - you'll feel better as your vibes rise.

Some of my best mind strength / self healing information 'and more' is on this new group - 'Stronger Mental Health - Using God's Love' - come quietly in, there'll be no new members names displayed.

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