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How to feel stronger / wiser in these difficult times

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It can be a difficult journey, here on planet Earth - making a living / paying bills / supporting our families, and yes there's nothing wrong with being successful, but not greed.

I help on many forums as 'one-light' as well as group talks... I've also been in contact with 100's of MP's during 2021/22 - discussing jab and energy greed merchants wanting it all.

There is information on here regarding our spirit, and where do we go after life here... Religions write some info different - 'they can't all be right' - people like myself and many others, with spiritual guidance rethink / analyse so much written long ago.

I have delivered church invitation flyers on and off every month, to a 100 shops in Macclesfield for 10 years now - they all know me, put them on the counter they will say.

But going back to early 2015 I was weary not well, but I wanted to get from the 16k to the 20k mark, so I spent time printing / cutting / piling, with instructions to my dear friend Fred to deliver them after I was gone, not much time I thought.

So, anything ever happen to you in dreams / real life that you can't explain... I had a NDE in 2015, I was so ill colour had gone, and in what seemed my final day - I witnessed my spirit excited, ready to fly - then felt a hand on my forehead, recovered fast.

After I was seeing sparkles in my mind most mornings - 6 months it took me to work out they were Angel Sparkles.. Thought I'd damaged my brain lol - only knew because one morning they were put so big, then just drifted - and I looked up online.

Several years later the Holy Spirit; then came advanced spiritual knowledge / guidance from Him in the covid war - good luck if you try and explain similar, to family or doctor.

I was a car mechanic for 30 yrs, they don't teach you this in manuals... After my NDE, my psychic 'clear knowing' abilities greatly improved... I now help as a Mind Strength and Spiritual Advisor.

In our URC Church in Macclesfield 2016, I was shown a 'vision of Jesus' from 2000+ years ago - the Romans decided to tell us different how He passed... In the King James Bible 'ye slew and hanged on a tree' he knew something centuries ago.

Everything in the universe is energy 'and vibrates' as in vibes - including trees, and us, 100% vibrational energy... It's said there are many billion's of galaxies in our universe, each galaxy having a billion stars/planets, yes it's vast out there.

I base a lot of my talks on - God's Mysterious Ways - below are 2 of my short talks i've written for churches, care homes or other places - they fit on an A4 sheet, free to use - takes about 5 mins to read nice and slowly, so people can take info in.

I have more of these if anyone wants to get in touch.


After the vision in church in 2016 - I started to hear tap tap tap outside the bedroom window 'every morning' I would say to my wife 'can you hear that tapping' nope - lol just me then.

After many weeks of this, and checking - I concluded 'this is spiritual' so I researched, tapping stopped, so would I - then tap tap tap.

And then at 64 years of age I started my now 6 years mind'body'spirit research to help others - remember we are all spirit 1st, physical 2nd, but many don't know this.

I was a member of Freedom Fighter groups worldwide - fighting for 'God's Free Will' - all that fear created by science / media - weakening millions of immune systems - we've backed the 'jab passports' off for now, thank you MP's, who helped.

A lot of doctors and specialists spoke up regarding all this wrong doing this last 3 years... It's a while now since youngsters were masked up in collages - but on guard now, they don't up the fearmongering again - it could have been permanent.

Couldn't have happened here in the UK could it? Somewhere in the battle days, I was sent a vivid dream - I say sent, because I believe it was to show me what could happen here.

In this dream, I was in a nearby town, and there was rubble everywhere from protesters - but 'it didn't happen here' and thank God it didn't x - so be kind everyone.

Returning visitors - refresh the page's please - this site is updated weekly

Heaven exists out there in the higher astrals, and the 'dark lower astral realms' are waiting on Judgment Day for those dictators / greed merchants, when they exit the physical body.

That's what Jesus means 'follow me for the light of life' - and it's very possible babies cry lots, with memories of heaven, from where they came in their new life here.

So come say Hi at church to raise your karma - churches will have to adapt and change a little, regarding mind'body'spirit talk that interests so many younger people these days.

So, I've now been assigned another task for 2024..... We have a 'Church Regeneration Project' on Facebook - and a link on there to a big group, where we discuss new ideas.

Regards Steve - faithful follower of Jesus Christ, doing God's work via the Holy Spirit - sharing knowledge.

Below is a page to some mind strength information, with a little section on suicides, and why people should seek help 'to be strong / keep going' - and a page on mask wearing in hospitals.

Spiritual Information for Care Homes

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