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Mind Strength and Suicides - Learn to be Stronger

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In this fast paced world we all live in, sometimes we all fall off path in a little way, or in a 'big way' - yes i've been there in the darkness, looking for a way to find some light and help.

That was a time well before my mind'body'spirit research - and a lot on 'mind strength' - so that's why i've created the website, and this new page to help others with knowledge...

All of us Humans living here now on Planet Earth are made up of 100% energy, including bones - I know it doesn't feel like it when low - but we are human beings, made up of 'vibrational energy' - if we can understand this we can be healthier.

And it's so important to keep our vibes high for good health - we have to remind ourselves when resting with a nice drink 'to think good thoughts' if only for a few minutes of our 15 mins rest.

So 'thought vibration' good thoughts of something now or in the past, an achievement, someone's smile - it can be anything positive - phone out of the way when you do this.

This is about calming your mind, not your brain - the brain is like this amazing computer that humans will never reproduce, and completes hundreds of thousands of tasks daily, but its the mind that's pushing 'which' keys on the device.

When resting or meditation - if only for 15 mins a day, say this is my time, try and focus on a single image 'to slow a racing mind' a smile a beach or a vase of flowers - hold that single image in your mind for 10 seconds, then another if you wish.

The universe is created with 'universal energy vibration' - when our 'vibes are low' people can connect to that low vibes over controlling ego, or from the so called lower self - don't listen to give up comments, override with words love or light.

Freud compared the mind to an iceberg - learn to be stronger

This gift of life given by God is a 'test' a 'challenge' - many times enjoyable - and yes at times 'it can be tough' you have to ride through those difficult times... Rest, get those vibes high to connect to your Higher Self for good gut feeling advice.

So if you reading now are thinking I can't go on, i'm in such a difficult situation... I've been there, tinnitus / hyperacusis driving me mad, and not eating - I sorted it, so can you.

A few years ago I invented 'robot' - to rebuild myself from tiredness, lack of energy - look on mind strength extra.

Now a little section on suicidal thoughts.

Just adding a little section here, hopefully you will enjoy reading, also a message to people thinking of taking their own life - this is happening a lot lately in this tough world.

I had a NDE back in 2015, after I started to see Angel Sparkles in my mind most mornings - then came spiritual guidance.

All the years of learning so many things... So this place heaven 'home' we will recognise on return - but there's info here why we should complete our life plan - 'no cutting it short'...

All the research and tuition - I became a Spiritual Advisor... And maybe 3 years ago now I either knew this, or it came in a dream - I get clear knowing guidance, also in dreams.

And what I remember is being shown me or someone arriving on a plane, then landing - and many 100's of people were there waiting in what seemed to be Heaven... They were all clapping / applauding for completing the life plan / journey.

Isn't that a lovely thought - especially for many, later years are hard - when you get back home to this place called Heaven, people you liked will be there back as in younger years, you've not seen in decades all smiling and clapping, you made it.

So the plane, or something amazing arrives - and those people 'in perfect health' will be waiting, clapping you...

If someone was to cut their life plan short, this wouldn't happen 'there'd be penalties' - and maybe I can stop someone from doing this - and those in the 's' category thinking oh its bound to be better than what I'm going through - think again....

How serious the consequences I haven't been informed - better to take no chances, learn to be well.

Those reading now that are in life's darkness, don't give up - learn to be stronger, information to help is on here.

We are supposed to 'complete the gift of life' yes that's what it is - go make it right for you 'get help' then live your life, contented you got out of the pit - and stronger....

Anyone needing a lift, these may help - 'Footprints in the Sand' - 'Christ be our Light' - and 'keep going' - the new light after darkness is beautiful, it becomes a strength having been there when you glance back in a year - learn to be stronger / wiser.

When I told a few people I was setting this suicide section / page up - they said ohh be careful what you write - and I could easy of said oh bugger it, leave it to someone else.

There is a difference when someone old who is battle weary, and someone who just takes their life - and leaves all the hurt for others... Look on 'mind strength extra' you vulnerable ones.

Unattached people watching this video - and you see these people hugging; that 'future special person' is waiting, but for now visualise with eyes closed your favourite actor / singer hugging you - and remember, get help local or on Papyrus.

So, to get back on your feet - 'you' have to do the 'initial part' in getting help, then raise those personal vibes - and spiritual help can come / gut feeling ideas come to you.

So if this is you - have a rest, nice drink, deep breaths - think who to trust, and say you are the one I need to help me 'then make it happen' recovery with help.

Then as you gain strength with help, and wiser as you've been there - it becomes a strength when you glance back - you can do this, as I did - deep breath... Get the help you need now.

Some religions say karma exists - of course it exists, but it's a dangerous planet, some had to fight in wars to protect others, when you get back to heaven with your lifetime CV you did this for others - and people who change are important to Jesus.

Feel free to put this web link on forums / groups... So 'learn to be strong' out there - research power of the mind / self healing / vibrational energy - as a hobby 30 mins a day.

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