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Got any ideas to take pressure off our health services - what about this?

Welcome here... This website was initially designed in 2019 to offer power of the mind and self healing advise for free, to take some pressure off the doctors and our hospital... This main page was never meant to discuss so much on viruses - I have a page lower down here for viruses, but this thing attacking us has taken over our lives a lot hasn't it... Time for some change - to stop it, and get it gone from our lives, preferably to the moon.

I researched power of the mind, self healing, immune systems and viruses very recently for three years, before this all came about... I researched viruses, because if anyone was going to get a cold'flu'sickness, it would be me - but not anymore in the last 3 years, hardly anything apart from the odd slight cough/snivel - then shoo, be gone with you.

• In my opinion fear created this pandemic, time to 'rethink' and stand strong •

Companies are in a rush with a vaccine, and we all know what rushing does... Strength in mind is what we should teach, as I do now on several forums - a stronger mind equals a stronger immune system - deep breath now, keep busy - rest when rest is needed.

The world, or most of it, is in turmoil with this thing attacking us - the news is full of negative energy, being passed on to us 'literally' lowering immune systems... Kindness and positivity improves our immune systems so much, that's important to remember, also spend time daily thinking for a moment regarding gratitude, soak good thoughts up from the past or present - this is so powerful with improving your 'vibes' and health/defence.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could learn to use the power of your mind, to guide and assist cells in fighting viruses, bugs and infections, and where they're hiding - yes hiding, many are good at that, so your defence can't find them... Well here's the information how to do it, and other links on here also, to other websites with similar information.

Try this in 'deep rest' meditation daily, mind clear and phone out of the way for 15 mins - all is calm cells... Send a message from your mind, of peace and harmony - all is calm there cells, all is good - 'on guard though' - create calm and tranquility in your body... But of course on the other hand, if you have a health issue that you think could be virus related - then simply press with your finger - and say 'in mind' problem here - virus...

For a stronger immune system, remember to keep busy, smile, teach others to smile, laugh, and be kind to others - this helps for a much stronger defence for you and others, who will then smile with you - and pace yourself, don't overdo it with workload or on chatroom's or online gaming... Keep stress levels down, deep breath, keep strong in mind... A stronger immune system is the same as wearing extra body armour in a battle.

• mass TV advertising is what's needed - showing people how to be positive •

There'll come a time soon when people will say enough is enough, and 'think' - face this thing with our God Given Immune System - strengthen it by being 'positive'... And yes it would be great for many who want to take a vaccine, if and when it comes along, with no side effects after... For now 'think' remove the fear - covid is saying oh yes look at all these lovely fearing people - so stay positive everyone - be strong in mind.

Let me put this to you all... imagine you are a singer in a concert, or maybe a football manager - and you shout over the antenna 'run' or 'fear' - imagine the panic and disruption in the stadium... So don't do it to your body and your cells, sending panic from the control centre, the mind/brain, please don't do it... Use the Power of Visualisation 'its a real tool' to help guide and calm your cells - while still abiding by UK laws with distancing etc.

Talk to Your Body - Assist Healing

There'll be other flu bugs getting on the bandwagon this winter, and they'll have an easy time as well, if we don't 'stand strong'... Remember to put the poster up everyone, to 'help others' - and everyone else, if you like what's written, pass the web link on to others in different towns in the UK, so we all do our bit here everyone to get this virus thing gone.

They keep saying on the news how many people have covid - 'fear mongering' - I'm interested in helping people with knowledge to remove it easier, so the death toll goes down as low as possible while we deal with this thing... I think you'll be surprised to learn that many people don't know they've already been in contact with covid, and buzzed it off - so lose the fear everyone Stay Strong, keep busy - keep following laws though.

• keep your immune system strong everyone - so you get a cough and get it gone •

Although the masks psychologically make people feel more secure and safe, i'm not sure how well they work, different opinions isn't there... But i've heard covids got a new way of getting in - sits on people's chins, then wait for the mask to be pulled down, then we're in... Seriously now, it must have gone through the majority of the population by now, virus popped in had a look - because its dangerous for covid as well - most the time 'they' get slaughtered by our defence - especially in people of all ages that are strong in mind....

Immune System Becomes Stronger

Two radio stations I listen to are 'so upbeat' and positive, sharing lighthearted stories from listeners, from years gone by... It's a 'big shame' TV doesn't have adverts on, saying 'stay positive everyone' your immune system will respond - to make more people stronger, so more hardly know they've had covid, shrug it off as happens with so many people.

I have delivered many 100's of my Stay Strong Posters to Macclesfield, Stockport, Congleton, Leek, Knutsford, Hazel Grove and Poynton, and a big part of my side of Stoke recently... So hello to all you lovely shopkeepers out there who have displayed them.

In my opinion, if we hadn't given this 'thing' respect, and named it in the first place as a 'pandemic' and 'covid' - we would have dealt with it by now, fear would have been less... So we are where we are at this moment - yes we would have lost loved ones, but not as many as we have, if it had been treated and spoken about as a normal bad flu virus... We gave it too much respect, and with it came fear and hiding - this lowers immune systems - time for a change in tactics worldwide - if and when this might happen, we'll see.

• fear weakens immune systems - smile, laugh, be happy to strengthen it •

I am a 'member' of Spiritual Forums - and for those of you who don't know if we have a spirit or a soul, and can't communicate with our defence system with our mind - think again - I had a NDE 5 years ago, I learned things... Have a good day everybody, and be kind to others on your journey of life, this is important... I help/advise on two MH forums as well - if you're struggling with something - 'no' giving up, it's not the way - get help to look for some beautiful light here, pick the phone up, speak to someone.

• so it's time to toughen up for winter - defence cells on patrol, in harmony •

Power of thoughts is 'real' and is very powerful in lifting human energy vibrations 'vibes' for better health and immune systems... So 'now is the time' to think positive thoughts, take deep breaths, sing or hum in the shower, and be focused - 'and' help each other here.

Immune System Holds Clues

I have been emailing hospitals recently around our great country, and there are a lot of them - firstly offering my help where science and knowledge from research cannot find a solution regarding mind'body'spirit - and maybe I will have an answer - cost's nothing.

I am not expecting a rush of questions from doctors, but I have had some nice replies already after receiving my email, saying they will put me on file as a volunteer, which was the reason in my email - and so many more hospitals and clinics to contact yet.

Second reason for my email, was to get the word out to the people on ground level, amongst all the action - that there is a way of dealing with this pandemic, and getting this virus gone - and until someone comes to me with a reason why it's not worth a try, I will keep pushing, spreading the word - there is a way out of this.

• free online self healing / power of the mind classes now available •

There's been spikes in many places - but its not getting anywhere near, or getting a grip in our area, if myself and shopkeepers / businesses here in Macclesfield and surrounding towns have anything to do with it - and all of the UK if people share this link, with posters to put on show elsewhere in the country. Stay Strong everyone, we'll get through this one day at a time - so try and enjoy your day, and be kind others along your way.

If you can put one of these on show somewhere, we can help each other to be healthier,
It's so important we remember to smile, and 'keep our distance' for now at least...

Your Cells are Listening so Talk

Don't expect this to heal everything - but it's definately worth
thinking about - keep an open mind on it

If my work here inspires and helps you, please consider coming to my/our church opposite Wetherspoons in Macclesfield for 40 mins a week/month - the church with the nice pot plants I look after - we will need more younger people when it opens... This place they talk about called Heaven it exists - I had a NDE and we have all been to this place before we came here, but we have to see life here through first, no taking shortcuts, it's not the way - it's out there in the Astral Realms where there are more stars than grains of sand on all the beaches in the world - more on my Spiritual and the Vast Universe page.

• we should 'support' shopkeepers with a positive attitude, as they 'support' us •

I say majority of us stand up to this 'thing' while protecting the vulnerable, and just get on with it... It would give us some thought time, and some breathing space while we rethink how to help the vulnerable, then how to exterminate it completely.

• this self healing has been around for a long time, we've just forgotten it's there •

Viruses / Infections / Our Defence

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Improving General Health Ideas

Spiritual and the Vast Universe

It doesn't matter what age you are 9 or 90 - this is about feeling healthier today

Returning visitors - refresh the page's please - this site is updated weekly

Anybody here going through mental stress right now and possible breakdown - my advice, get a message on any social media - 'taking a break' - and online gaming at 100 mph, give it a rest, and just focus on what I advise here on this website... And if your staff are stressed, I will come and talk to several of you - to inspire you all, and get you smiling for stronger immune systems, if you can arrange the social distancing.

We all have to to deal with day to day issues, but 'over worrying' - if this happens to you a lot, just take a moment to remind yourself 'the tiger hasn't entered the room yet' - this will put any worrying thoughts into perspective in your mind.

• Self healing is available 'free' to help with so many health issues •

So take time daily as in meditation, just relax and clear the mind of 'mental chatter' - I recommend resting in the bedroom, on the bed or in a chair, and remove your phone completely out of the way. You can listen to music on CD but not radio, to avoid news and DJ blather - close eyes, breathe nice and slowly and deeply - Imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind and body.

There's more information on here

I've been helping out on Mental Health and Spiritual Forums now for several years, so I've personally gained a lot of experience regarding Mind'Body'Spirit...

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