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Welcome here... This website was initially designed in 2019 to offer power of the mind and self healing advice for free, to take some pressure off the doctors and our hospital... This main page was never meant to go worldwide, or discuss so much on viruses... Our lives have changed so much haven't they in the last 2 years - ok let's be stronger for it...

Having 'higher vibes' - helps you keep a stronger mind, body and immune system... So how do we get these vibes of ours up... It's easy - but it needs some work, as in being kind to others, avoid aggression, learn to smile again - and generally laugh with others - and sometimes 'stop to appreciate' something, many times a day - just to stop or stand back and admire something and including a smile, maybe along with others as well.

There is some humour in this website to help cheer people up, and strengthen people's immune systems, as we enter lower light evenings here in the UK.

Learning all of this will help you to strengthen your immune system - it doesn't mean you won't get viruses, what it means is 'you'll deal with them better' - like slipping that body armour on over your chest ready for battles - as we've already been in now.

I researched power of the mind, self healing, the human aura, and energy vibrations, our personal 'vibes' for 4 years recently... If you can get the 'the stronger mind' bit right - vibes good, then your mind and body will be much healthier - and you'll have a stronger immune system - and learn how to possibly avoid doctors for many years, as I have.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could learn to use the power of your mind, to guide and assist cells in fighting viruses, bugs and infections, where they're hiding - yes hiding, many are good at that, so your defence can't find them - I'll be explaining here how I do it.

More Communicating with Cells

Try not to listen to science and the news spreading their negative vibes as winter comes along, stay positive - the reason colds/flu hit harder in the winter months is people's heads go down, pick yourself up - keep busy - i'll give you some ideas here to help you.

• Control your Immune System - with the 'Power of your Mind' •

There are coughs and cold/flu's about this autumn/winter, its life - stay positive, keep busy, and rest when your mind/body wants to rest.... And some time in nature - 'not thinking of work or emails' - but admiring wildlife and the greenery - strength in minds chilling.

Sometimes infections / viruses / bugs can get in our body and stay for ages, or they swap and change - don't let them settle though, keep them moving... All you've got to concern yourself with is staying positive - it's not even complicated for most of us, to smile/laugh and stay positive, and let your immune system stay in control of the infection battles.

Below is what I was trying to get government to do in 2020 - to show people how to stay positive, and help them to be stronger and less likely to fall so ill - oh and did I send emails out suggesting positive adverts to go onto TV - fell on deaf ears so far... So let's see if we can avoid any further lockdown's, that they had suggested for October here in the UK.

I hope these will make some people smile - be happy - be strong - laugh
keep busy - pace yourself - and be kind to other people

Some light hearted video's for anyone or everyone

• I was wondering why the ball kept getting bigger and bigger, and then it hit me •

A man found an old lamp, and he gave it a rub - a genie appeared... He said I'll grant you one wish - the man said a flyover from my town to the next city, so I can avoid queuing - the genie said that’s a lot, anything simpler... The man said I can't understand my wife with things she says, I need help there... The genie says how many lanes 2 or 3.

Extreme Conditions - Do Require Extreme Actions

Let's be outrageous here - and let's say an announcement is to be made on TV... The news is going to be banned for the next month on radio and TV channels 'speading their negative vibes hourly' some soaps as well - get a newspaper or look online... This war we're in needs extreme actions, while we get some stability in our Great Country.

Then bring a mind strength specialist on TV evenings, not science fear mongering 'this is going to happen' - but a good mind strength / self healing specialist, showing people how to stay positive, and your immune system strength will increase - what a difference IMO - so then as much funding wouldn't be required for the jabs, that cost billions.

I have emailed a lot of newspapers and MP's this week regarding this possiblility, to be considered with these issues we are dealing with right now - if anyone reading is in power to make a difference, please don't leave it to someone else - or nothing get's done.

Let's between us make it possible for people in our country to enjoy Christmas... Even if someone doesn't try to make a difference after reading this busy website - at least a point has been made to media to be careful how they present news - keep us strong.

Could we be the one country that tries something different, get it right - and it works
millions of immune systems will respond immedately with positive words

And here's the 10.00 o'clock news... Today is a lovely day - go out and keep busy, pace yourself / enjoy your day - Stay Strong and we'll and back with news very soon - don't you worry, all in good hands here - go and enjoy your day, be kind and helpful to others.

Millions of immune systems could be strengthened in a single day, by removing the news, or rewording content - maybe be that person 'to make a difference'... It doesn't take rocket science to put change into play, the bigger the change or remove it - the better the effect.

• a happier mind helps make a stronger mind - and body •

I've been out delivering posters to shops/businesses in my town... Here is a copy for your staffroom wall anywhere UK or other countries - or print and give them to shops in your town, 2 fit nicely into A4 sheet... It's so important to keep everybody's heads up - stay strong, keep smiling and teach others to smile.

• Getting Through to Christmas Poster •

Remember 'every day' our body is under attack - some immune systems are so strong, think of bugs as battle practice - keep a strong mind, cells will respond... And don't overdo your day, or your system gets overworked - that's how you've got to think of it Stay Strong, and - put a sign in your mind - 'bugs enter this body at your own risk' - be gone...

When I say to people stay strong, that applies to the mind and the immune system - 'put a no entry sign up' - with all these winter cold/flu bugs that'll be on the move / stay positive, don't let them settle - remove them... Careful of over gelling, and overuse of masks - immune systems have it easy, then if anything sneaks in, it's difficult to deal with.

It's not just the spreading causing the problem - it's the defending,

If we all learned how to defend properly, then it can spread all it wants.

I'm just putting some of my knowledge to you all - masks/jabs should be 'your choice' free will... But we can help each other with kindness, to stay positive towards New Year.

I can remember walking the dog in the middle of our local main road one evening in 2020, and it felt like I was the last man on the planet... But we must be careful in 2070 some elderly person doesn't say to youngsters, it's been like this wearing masks since about 2020 - it's 50 years ago now when this happened, when many were jabbed - they needed to be 'brave' and sensible - 'now there's a difficult pairing' - to get normality back.

There's more information here

Mind and our Immune System

My Reader Messages / Support

Supporting Churches and better Mental Health on here

I now help out on three MH forums, and a spiritual forum where I am a Master - for those of you who don't know if we have a spirit or a soul, and can't communicate with our defence cells, and our immune system with our minds - think again... I had a NDE 6 years ago, I learned things... So if you're struggling with something - 'no' giving up, it's not the way - get help to look for some beautiful light here, pick the phone up, speak to someone.

There's so much more mind'body'spirit information on here...

More Knowledge and Charities

Church/s Regeneration Project

God doesn't want his churches running low on congregation, and then closing -
Some interesting articles on the above, regarding better health...

I'm available with my 'free' online - power of the mind / self healing / or
mind'body'spirit meetings for companies, schools, churches and care homes

So take time daily when resting or in meditation, just relax and clear the mind of 'mental chatter' for 15/20 mins 'you time' - on the bed or just sitting in a chair, and remove your phone completely out of the way... You can listen to music on CD but not radio, to avoid news and DJ chat - close eyes, breathe nice and slowly and deeply - Imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind and body.

My many thanks for allowing me to do talks here to mainly staff, and also residents at - Prestbury House Care Home - Helping Hands Home Care Services - Woodlands Care Home - Hollins Park Care Home - and to the 8 young men at Manday Night Project at Sutton Hall - and at the Disability Information Bureau, all in Macclesfield - and the many short strength in minds / self healing talks online, ive completed so far...

• more about our spirit now - because we all have a spirit - all of us •

How many believe in Heaven? How many believe in the spirit, that we all have? How about the mind? We all know of the mind - IMO that's attached to the spirit... Finally who believes in gravity?... None of it scans you know... none of it, but it's all there...

Spiritual & The Vast Universe

To conclude - better health is not necessarily to do with luck, its all about getting your own energy right... So 'now is the time' to think positive thoughts, take deep breaths, sing or hum in the shower - and help other people when possible - and smile and be happy...

I've been helping out on Mental Health and Spiritual Forums now for several years, so I've personally gained a lot of experience regarding Mind'Body'Spirit...

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