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Got any ideas to take pressure off our health services - what about this?

Hi welcome here to my website... Over recent years, I have researched the Power of the Mind - Self Healing Energy and Viruses and our defence... Viruses, because for 50 years if anyone was going to get a cold or flu it would be me... Not anymore, in the last 3 years apart from a bit of a snivel or a 'very slight' cough for a day or so - power of the mind, and when feeling strong mentally, with it comes a stronger immune system to defend us.

So I initially researched mental strength and viruses for myself and to help others - then this virus thing came along... Defence cells in all humans get renewed every few years, and we are all the same with similar strong defence when 'on guard' - for 90% without other difficult health issues that is... We are heading for less light in the evenings - so how do we deal with it? what we do is ''keep a strong mind'' - raise our immune system 'cells on guard' high alert to incoming bugs - keep busy, and focused, and rest when rest is needed, for 15 mins a day as in meditation, mind clear and phone out of the way - proper rest, and some time in nature near trees - powerful 'quality' energy those trees.

For a stronger immune system, remember to keep busy, smile, teach others to smile, laugh - be kind to others - 'this' helps for a much stronger defence for 'you' and others who then smile with you - and pace yourself, don't overdo it with workload or on chatroom's or online gaming... Keep stress levels down, deep breath, keep strong in mind.

That's the first job done here, to inspire - so if you've read enough to make you feel more positive, go about your daily business, and remember to pass this website address on to others to help them as well before you leave... Lot's more to read on here if people have time... Keep busy and remember to take a 'deep breath' especially just before going online to assist your mind/body with good health - have a good day everyone...

Many of us will have shrugged off bad viruses last year, and other flu's this year - who's to say if it wasn't covid that we were all involved in at sometime, or some other aggravating little bug, so many viruses around in winter... So immune systems we need to get battle ready again... So we must move on now cautiously and look to the future '2021'... As Dame Vera Lynn used to sing, it's a lovely day tomorrow - 'when covid's gone'...

Power of thoughts is 'real' and is very powerful in lifting human energy vibrations 'vibes' for better health and immune systems... So 'now is the time' to think positive thoughts, take deep breaths, sing or hum in the shower, and be focused - 'and' help each other here.

So it's time to batten up ready for winter - body armour on, cells on guard

Let's try and get through to 'New Year' here locally in good shape - so people around the UK and worldwide will start to notice, there is another way - and stop fearing this thing, and use the power of the mind and our immune system to stay strong... I researched power of the mind and viruses for many years before this happened.

A quote from The Guardian - covid cases have risen from 574 on July 1st to 1,402 by 30th Aug - but the deaths in the same period has declined from 37 per day to 4 per day... My thoughts on this, many people have had enough of being scared - and started to live their lives again - and so raising their own 'energy vibration level' and and the 'strength' of their own 'God Given Immune System'... Keep that immune system in good shape everyone, be positive, show others how to smile and laugh again, and try to keep busy and strong there - 'deep breath' - enjoy your day and remember to help others along your way.

Free understandable Self Healing / Power of the Mind classes - just get in touch

A month ago I delivered over 250 'Stay Strong' posters in Macclesfield town and local industrial estates - to shops, banks, pubs, garages and big stores, now placed in staff rooms in our town, and on show to the public... The response has been brilliant when accepting a poster and displaying it to help others - so remember to shop local.

My Duplicate World Theory

I say to myself whenever i'm thinking about viruses in the vicinity, which is like every time the news comes on - you're not coming anywhere near me - cells on guard... Mind power connecting to defence cells, which have intelligence as in they make decisions.

My wife had this covid thing six months ago, she had something bad chest wise, with the loss of smell and taste, which never happened before with her. I'm sure it was that - I got a little cough for a couple of days, be gone with you, shoo - and it did... You will see on here how I learned to do this personally with many viruses, over the last 3 years... There will be coughs, colds, and flu bugs around later this year, be aware but try to stay focused - don't go thinking the worst, stay strong, busy and positive and spend some time in nature.

Worry and fear weakens immune systems - smile, laugh, be happy to improve it

If my work here inspires and helps you, please consider coming to my/our church opposite Wetherspoons in Macclesfield for 40 mins a week/month - the church with the nice pot plants I look after - we will need more younger people when it opens... This place they talk about called Heaven it exists - I had a NDE and we have all been to this place before we came here, but we have to see life here through first, no taking shortcuts, it's not the way - it's out there in the Astral Realms where there are more stars than grains of sand on all the beaches in the world - more on my Spiritual and the Vast Universe page.

Positive thoughts, a smile and some kindness is what's needed instead of fear... So will more people go to the pub for social interaction with 'no' masks when the dark nights arrive, maybe - people need people and a smile - just be careful though.

Don't go panicking if you get a cough, there are winter bugs about - stay positive...

There's been spikes in many places - but its not getting anywhere near, or getting a grip in our area, if myself and 150 shopkeepers and 100 businesses here in Macclesfield have anything to do with it - and all of the UK if people share this link, with our posters to put on show elsewhere in the country. It has to be so much better than doing nothing, waiting around for a cure, or for it to go... Stay Strong everyone, we'll get through this one day at a time - so try and enjoy your day, and be kind others along your way.

We should 'support' shopkeepers with a positive attitude, as they 'support' us

If you can put one of these on show somewhere, we can help each other to be healthier,
It's so important we remember to smile, and 'keep our distance' for now at least...

Youngsters are going to get close it's natural, and we can only advise, but lets be careful as we go about our day... I also think these masks that many don't keep clean are germ carriers, that's my opinion... For now people have to use them, no excuses it's law - stay strong everyone, we'll get through this 'one day at a time' now, keep busy.

People can benefit by reading some of my 3 years power of the mind research in our fights with viruses. You might find I know a thing or two with my half a century of always getting every cold/flu going, then hardly anything for the last 3 years... It is so important everyone to keep your mind strong, keep busy, smile, laugh, rest, help people, avoid the news 'some' of the time - 'raise your immune system' - on guard as they say.

This self healing has been around for a long time, we've just forgotten it's there

Viruses / Infections / Our Defence

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Improving General Health Ideas

Posters - Display and Inspiration

It doesn't matter what age you are 9 or 90 - this is about feeling healthier today

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Anybody here going through mental stress right now and possible breakdown - my advice, get a message on any social media - 'taking a break' - and online gaming at 100 mph, give it a rest, and just focus on what I advise here on this website... And if your staff are stressed, I will come and talk to several of you - to inspire you all, and get you smiling for stronger immune systems, if you can arrange the social distancing.

We all have to to deal with day to day issues, but 'over worrying' - if this happens to you a lot, just take a moment to remind yourself 'the tiger hasn't entered the room yet' - this will put any worrying thoughts into perspective in your mind.

• Self healing is available 'free' to help with so many health issues •

So take time daily as in meditation, just relax and clear the mind of 'mental chatter' - I recommend resting in the bedroom, on the bed or in a chair, and remove your phone completely out of the way. You can listen to music on CD but not radio, to avoid news and DJ blather - close eyes, breathe nice and slowly and deeply - Imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind and body.

There's more information on here

I've been helping out on Mental Health and Spiritual Forums now for several years, so I've personally gained a lot of experience regarding Mind'Body'Spirit...

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