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Welcome to my website - I hope you all enjoy reading... I am just doing my bit here, to help to keep our people healthy, while we all pull together to get our Great Country back on its feet again... This information is written here, to help people avoid MH and physical problems - so you stay on path, avoiding 'difficulties' as in future health issues.

I’m in my late 60’s now, and several years ago I was on so many meds... Many years later to now, and I still go running with my little dog, and riding the bike – and no prescription meds for me now since prior to 2017 - when if I remember right I had some cream off the doc for skin rashes which didn’t help – but what did help and totally removed them, was my research into the self healing power of natural vibrational energy ‘vibes'...

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could learn to use the power of your mind, to guide and assist cells in fighting viruses, bugs and infections, where they're hiding - yes hiding, many are good at that, so your defence can't find them - I'll be explaining here how I do it.

I researched power of the mind, self healing, the human aura, and energy vibrations, our personal 'vibes' for 4 years recently... If you can get the 'the stronger mind' bit right - vibes good, then your mind and body will be much healthier - and you'll have a stronger immune system - and learn how to possibly avoid doctors for many years, as I have.

This information on my website, is for the jabbed and unjabbed to help strengthen your immune systems - so many more people can lose the fear in their hearts, and get some normality back in their lives - at the same time being careful and respectful to others.

Over a year ago all the fear created by the media weakened immune systems - I say to myself whenever i'm thinking about viruses in the vicinity, which is like every time the news comes on - you're not coming anywhere near me - cells on guard... Mind power connecting to defence cells, which have intelligence and awareness in making decisions.

We all know the jab strengthens the immune system - and so will my info... In 2020 and very recently I emailed 100's of hospitals, health centres, chemists, merchants, hotels, and newspapers and government, with my website - suggesting mass advertising on TV would be a really good idea, regarding staying positive to help strengthen our immune systems... I had so many nice replies, but nothing from government yet!

It's not too late - how long do we have to wait to see if these jabs are working or not, and for how many years as viruses mutate, and the media send fear messages from science - tick tock - we'll soon find out freedom or jail... And for our kids in the future, when we tell them this is how it is - do we want to have to tell them those words, or stand strong in this war - support I need, someone reading now must be able to 'make a difference'...

Improve Your Mental Strength

A rock and a hard place comes to mind - we are told we won't have to wear masks in shops, but will in some places - this is 'free will' - but when some people are wearing masks so much right now, their immune systems get out of practice fighting bugs, so it's hard for some people to get it right... So we should learn to - 'smile again' - be stronger.

I think they should rethink how they tell people with testing results, as in showing there is something virus/infection wise, but maybe not what, just go isolate - because the fear knowing you've got covid, which in my opinion is why we've lost so many family and friends, the fear lowers immune system strength - defence cells go into hiding... So keep away with any bugs and and get some fresh air in your body in the garden.

New Facebook group is getting so intriguing as more join

Help control your immune system - with the power of your mind

There has to come a time when we stop fearing these bugs or variants as science has named them, and stand strong - I remember years ago losing six elders from church with flu 'in one week' - no fear mongering back then giving bugs ferocious names... We've got a massive MH problem worldwide, made more intense by people being locked away - and here's my 'Posters for Display' anyone who needs a copy in the UK or elsewhere in the world - know there's many of you looking on worldwide, so 'hi there'...

It would be very useful to guide our defence cells - you've heard of talk to your body, well talk to your cells - when deeply relaxed use the 'power your mind' to guide, and gently touch where you think any infection problem is... I visualise cells surrounding any virus bug - don't let any settle - you need to be fully resting / mind clear to do this.

We know that some footballers had covid and didn’t even know - that’s strong immune systems in action - took one look inside, too dangerous for the 'named' fear-mongering variants, and frightened they run/fly off - be gone... I was speaking to a young lady with little kids, and she said they're frightening everybody to death on the radio - and all this pinging going on when so many have been jabbed, either the jab's working or it isn't.

Mind Power the Immune System

Dr Kim - Your Cells are Listening

Be sensible as and when but lose the fear, stay positive - most of the vulnerable have been double jabbed, and more besides - no guarantees with this info or the jab we're all in slight risk one way or another - we need some normality for our mental strength, and so stronger immune systems... Defence cells get renewed every 7 years in all of us... We have discussions regarding the virus war we're all involved in - on this forum - anyone interested - my name is one-light.

I had mild dealings with covid year last March, shoo be gone... It's a battleground, our body sometimes for bugs... My wife had it quite bad at the same time, she had previously overworked and stressed in the card shop on Mother's day - we think it was that bug because she is normally strong - but this time she lost taste and smell.

So the jabs help strengthen immune systems - and the power of the mind kicks in... And as soon as that jab goes in - you will be stronger with that, the thought of being safer, so they work... My information on my website is for the jabbed and unjabbed looking on.

The Mail Online - Mind Over Body

Someone I know was telling me about her brother from years ago, that he was a road drain emptying man - and she laughed when she said when he used to come home he wouldn’t wash his hands lol eating his sandwiches - and she said do you know he never got as much as a cold - I said strong immune system there - as in used to on going battles... Not recomended, and having the jab or not, has to be your personal choice.

So now the jabbed and the unjabbed - standing more together, remember ‘to stay positive’ as in the battle days - when all the soldiers put their shields together to form a big shield / circle and say you’re not coming in here bugs, be gone - as we learn to stay strong 'be aware but not to fear' - and learn to smile again and to be kind to each other.

• this song will inspire people, it's a nice video - stay alert there and stay strong •

Song'video - we'll never give in

It doesn't matter what age you are 9 or 90 - this is about feeling healthier today

Returning visitors - refresh the page's please - this site is updated weekly

If you want to ask me anything regarding mind and health - for example / Tinnitus or Musical Tinnitus / Hyperacusis / Exploding Head Syndrome - yes and its a real condition a 'sudden boom' in the head / Reoccurring & Troublesome Dreams / Overactive Ego 'which is troublesome' / Simple Slipped Disc Solution / Power of the Mind / Intrusive Thoughts / Constant Twitching Eyes / Restless Leg Syndrome / Blood Pressure / Better Sleep etc.

Then maybe join my/our new - Church Regeneration Project - i'm there for chat and questions, not pushing church, but the group intention is to get people 'thinking' of taking an hour off from the fast lane of life, and to improve your mind and karma in church.

From the feedback i'm getting, I think most people have made their own mind up, jab or no jab... My concern is for the young - the vast majority of these younger people have very strong immune systems, but will become reliant on the jab... Many of the UK are double jabbed up now to my strength, and the younger and strong immune strength - nervous time right now for science to see how well it all works.

I had a NDE several years ago - I 'learned so much' - and more after with my mind / body / spirit research over recent years... Why not spend a tiny bit of time to join my group - think of the saving in costs with medicines and specialists fees for your family as you learn simple things - you can join my/our Church Regeneration Project to ask any questions

• Spreading the word of God - making the world a better, kinder place •

I was shown an image/vision of Jesus in my church in 2016 - yes a real vision from 2000+ years ago, during the service - and I wrote about it on Spiritual Forums.

Spiritual & The Vast Universe

To conclude - better health is not necessarily to do with luck, its all about getting your own energy good... So 'now is the time' to think positive thoughts, take deep breaths, sing or hum in the shower - and help other people when possible - and smile and be happy...

I've been helping out on Mental Health and Spiritual Forums now for several years, so I've personally gained a lot of experience regarding Mind'Body'Spirit...

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