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Hi and welcome here... Improving your mind strength is so important after all we've been through... With stronger mind strength, comes better health and a stronger immune system, and less trips to the doctors.

I researched power of the mind, self healing, the human aura, and energy vibrations, our personal 'vibes' for 5 years recently... If you can get the 'stronger mind' bit right - vibes good, then your mind and body will be much healthier... Try and avoid too much time in the fast lane when online, and breathe - remind yourself 'and breathe'... And remember to have a laugh with others - and many times 'stop to appreciate' something daily - raise those vibes.

I am a self healing specialist... When you get a part of your body giving you problems, rub your hands together and send that part 'self healing' as in love and positive thoughts, the power of intention - sending high energy 'vibes' in deep rest- and there's energy in your hands, via hand chakras - use them.

When you're feeling slightly unwell, something coming on / under attack from virus bugs - and yes we've all been there - have determination to be well again... After a little rest, open your mind 'focus' be determined to be feel better, as in I havn't got time to be ill - but don't push, pace yourself - but with determination and a smile to appreciate something as you keep yourself busy.

I researched mind power / viruses for 5 years - and the healthy young, and the older strong in mind have very strong immune systems... Now the testing with results saying 'you've got something dangerous trapped inside you' - creating fear from the mind to cells, also the fearmongering news on viruses 'it's coming for you' - has eased in England - this gives people a better chance.

Be careful off too much time with that aggressive person in the workplace, or the one that moans a lot - they'll take some of your vibrational energy - yes it's transferable our energy, especially through eye contact or shaking hands... Just say I'm busy, back off - lol, seriously now try and avoid them... How many times we hear of someone spending half an hour with someone moaning a lot, and that person says after - thank you I feel so much better, but you feel drained.

Mind Power - the Power of Visualisation - Defence Cells

Many people on this planet are taught or believe all that's written in science books, and anything else probably doesn't exist... Well i'm here to explain about that anything else - not only what does and can apply, but how I know it.

So the ways to damage/hurt ourselves - 1st, is by falling over and breaking something in an accident, or eating or drinking something you shouldn't... 2nd, viruses attacking within, we all know about that one - so learn to power your immune system up... 3rd, the sun's access energy hitting our body and our aura defence shield... 4th, an energy imbalance - we humans are 100% vibrational energy - when we are well, positive energy flows smoothly within us.

I emailed over a 100 MPs in England with my website, maybe 10 times over a 2 year period 2020/2 - about a 1000 emails went out, and I had many nice replies... I had made some points, that fearmongering science and the media were creating fear in people's minds, weakening millions of immune systems - giving virus bugs a ferocious name, and saying it's coming for you - and the testing that tells a person you've got something dangerous trapped inside you.

I'll put this to you... Imagine you are a singer in a concert, or maybe a football manager - and you shout over the antenna 'run' or 'fear' - imagine the panic and disruption in the stadium... So don't do it to your body and your cells, sending panic from the control centre, the mind/brain, please don't do it... Use the Power of Visualisation 'its a real tool' to help guide and calm your cells with your mind... And this was some of what I was saying during the fear created days.

I researched mind power / viruses / self healing for 5 years since 2017 - why viruses, because all my life I would get every bug going - in 2020/1 I fought covid twice easy... I also made a point in many emails to MPs that science and greed merchants are trying to dictate/run the country, do this so called science specialists would say, or else... So we got some normality back, thank you all MPs - and I played my part and helped get the NHS nurses and doctors jobs back on our NHS UK Staff Group - job done we move on - Stay Strong all.

God's 'free will' must be obeyed - Freedom Fighters are battling at this moment for people now, and for the kids of the future...

• self healing has been around for a long time, we've just forgotten its there •

We all have differing amounts of positive and negative energy in our system - that's mind'body'spirit - when you see someone who looks well then they have good positive energy - people who are unwell have too much negative energy, and very often the first signs of negative energy trapped in our body, deposits itself on the skin as in a rash or we get sick and then heading for the doctors.

• a happier mind helps make a stronger mind - and body •

I now help out on three MH forums, and a spiritual forum where I am a Master - for those of you who don't know if we have a spirit or a soul, and can't infuence, and power up our immune system, and defence cells with our mind power - think again... I had a NDE 7 years ago, I learned things... So if you're struggling with something - no cutting it short, it's not the way, get help - the light is so beautiful after the dark times - so pick the phone up, speak to someone.

We need more young people to come and join us at ours, and other UK churches... I personally have so many of my - spiritual experiences - mind strength knowledge, and energy to share with others - but first we need more people, and youngsters to create the new energy in churches all over the UK... Uplifting and entertaining is what's required - not too long, families are busy.

It doesn't matter what age you are 9 or 90 - this is about feeling healthier today

Returning visitors - refresh the page's please - this site is updated weekly

It's so important to calm your mind, not so much your brain - the brain is like this amazing computer that humans will never reproduce, and completes multi millions of tasks, but its the mind that's pushing the keys on the computer and making important decisions, and times it all gets too busy - Single Point Concentration when resting, eyes closed - focus on one image in mind that makes you smile for 10 seconds to calm it, then again, another image.

Start your day with - today is going to be a 'good or better' day.
Live in the 'now' and not in the head, get that balance right

4 high 'energy vibration' words are 'lovely gorgeous beautiful light' - if you can learn these words, and put them to the back of your mind, you can recall them, recite them in your mind on 'command' when feeling down, it will lift your 'energy vibrations' and help you to feel better and stronger, learn to pace yourself 'stop to appreciate' and enjoy your day.

I've spoken to people who sleep with a mobile phone on charge under their pillow, I wouldn't do it - and don't handle mobiles or tablets 'when on charge' at all - it's not a good practice in my opinion... Also try to keep screen time and brightness sensible, if you lower it slightly, eyes will adjust.

Increase Your immune System Strength - Using the Power of Your Mind

When we think about the universe and energy - everything is energy 'and everything vibrates' as in vibes, although you can't see it, like gravity - including the table, your cup, trees, and us, 100% vibrational energy... So with universe and more stars/planets than grains of sand - yes there's life out there - the same as inside us, cells have some awareness to energy vibes as in good intentions with thoughts - so we should send positive vibes in thoughts to what goes on inside... So a tap on the tummy sometimes, with stay strong there cells 'works' as in sending good intentions, positive vibes in thought or voice.

Gratitude and 'being in the moment' to appreciate something - is so
important for better mental and physical health - and sleep

All this information can help with stress, anxiety, depression and so many other health issues - search online for keywords - self healing vibrational energy - power of the mind - chi energy self healing - mantra meditation. Also as part of my advice for improving health and energy vibrations for increased health is - if you are a 'big meat eater' I would cut back a little, it's low vibrational food, more fruit and veg is good.

My many thanks for allowing me to do talks here to mainly staff, and also residents at - Prestbury House Care Home - Helping Hands Home Care Services - Woodlands Care Home - Hollins Park Care Home - and to the 8 young men at Manday Night Project at Sutton Hall - and at the Disability Information Bureau, all in Macclesfield - and the many short strength in minds / self healing talks online, I've completed so far...

Increase Vibes for Good Health

Human Aura Defence and Strokes

My Spiritual Journey / Learning

To conclude - better health is not necessarily to do with luck, its all about getting your own energy right... So now is the time to think positive thoughts, take deep breaths, sing or hum in the shower - and help other people when possible - and smile and be happy... Kind regards Steve.

I've been helping out on Mental Health and Spiritual Forums now for several years, so I've personally gained a lot of experience regarding Mind'Body'Spirit...

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